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Pet eye-care center opens in Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH A new veterinary practice on Saturday will tours to pet owners, a petting zoo for their children, and an agility course for their dogs.

Video and photos | Blessing of the pets

Wycliff Presbyterian Church of Virginia Beach held its first pet blessing on Sunday. About 20 dogs and one cat participated.

How to create a pet-friendly disaster plan

Don't forget your pets when creating your emergency plans.

Photo Gallery | Dogs Gone Swimming fundraiser
Column | Pet-friendly disaster planning

VIRGINIA BEACH ALTHOUGH THE National Hurricane Center is predicting a below-normal Atlantic hurricane season this year, below-normal seasons can still produce catastrophic storms. Don't forget your pets when creating your emergency plans.

Animal Matters: Help may be coming for pets in hot cars

On a recent ovenlike day, I received a text from a Norfolk SPCA donor that alarmed me. "Is it legal for a bystander to break a window if they see dogs in a car alone?" she asked. I could only imagine her standing helplessly next to a car with dogs, quite literally, baking inside.

Virginia Beach veterinarian uses bloodsucking leeches to treat dog's wound

VIRGINIA BEACH The skin on 8-year-old Kojak's leg wasn't healing properly. Cancer had returned after doctors at BluePearl Veterinary Partners Center removed a tumor, and the swollen black patch on his leg didn't look good. Dr. Anemone Andronescu needed a way to restore blood flow to the dog's leg. Bloodsucking leeches came to mind.

Pet food company rolls into Virginia Beach with dog-shaped "food" truck

Food trucks are going to the dogs.
Well, one truck anyway.
Wellness Natural’s pet food wagon rolled into Virginia Beach, camped out over the weekend at Care-A-Lot Pet Supply at 1924 Diamond Springs Road and provided a forum where owners learned how to care for their pets between vet visits.

Zoom Room indoor dog park opens in Virginia Beach

Does your dog want a play date or a birthday party away from the broiling heat? You don’t have to wipe away those puppy tears anymore. The Zoom Room is here.

Va. Beach gym goes to the dogs

VIRGINIA BEACH Gym owner John Cotthaus explained the next obstacle to his clients. The A-frame might be scary to some, he said. The goal was to scale one side and run down the other. But at an earlier session, one patron stopped at the top, unsure what came next. As Cotthaus spoke, tails wagged. At this gym, the clients have four legs.

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