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Daisy is lead dog in Ocean Lakes reading program

By Barbara J. Woerner Correspondent VIRGINIA BEACH BEACON Daisy's smart, stylish and popular, with admirers eager to catch a glimpse or touch of her. Every Thursday for eight weeks she hosts a tail-wagging "meet and greet" inside Ocean Lakes Elementary School.

'Neuter scooter' to make trips to Portsmouth shelter

Portsmouth The "Neuter Scooter," a mobile veterinary surgical unit run by the Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Animals, will now make regular trips to the Portsmouth animal shelter. The Portsmouth Humane Society has teamed up with the Virginia Beach organization to make sure its adopted animals are spayed and neutered, according to a news release.

Cause for pause: Theft of cats can go unpunished

RICHMOND Stealing a dog is a felony in Virginia. Cats, however, get no respect. Snatch one and you're unlikely to be charged. A proposed law under review in the House of Delegates would change that, making the punishment for stealing a dog and a cat identical.

Boy's best friend inspires bid to insure more best friends

By Nora Firestone Correspondent VIRGINIA BEACH Christopher James' best friend puts the "Can I?" in canine. Thanks largely to the constant companionship of Mr. Hope, his 8-year-old certified service dog, Christopher, 11, can sleep in his own room and safely walk to class - and his parents can relax a bit.

Is your pet registered? Beach hopes to find out - and collect

By Richard QuinnThe Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH There are an estimated 300,000 Fidos and Whiskers in this city. Less than 10 percent are registered. Who cares?Well, when one of those pets bites someone, animal control officers want to know if it is registered and if it has a rabies vaccination. Plus, those missing pet fees could be worth $1.5 million a year - enough money to build a new Animal Control facility if the City Council endorses a plan it will hear about today.The proposal calls for increasing the city's pet registration . . .

Blog: From 5 cities to 1

I am another reader who has taken interest in the recent letters on regional unification. I would suggest a more modest and practical consolidation the five cities of South Hampton Roads. The Code of Virginia provides 'we, the people' the means to do it. If we can get 15 percent of the registered voters in each city to sign a petition, the cities would be required to enter negotiations. We would have one year to gain the signatures. If local officials fail to reach an agreement within one year, the circuit courts in each city would appoint trustees to negotiate on behalf of the cities. Yes,

Law linking rabies shots, dog licensing stirs conflict

By Christopher BaxterThe Virginian-Pilot
The Virginia Veterinary Medical Association is advising its members to refuse to vaccinate dogs whose owners are upset by a new law that requires rabies certificates to be sent to local tax collectors. The measure is intended to improve compliance with the current dog-licensing law - which could mean a bill in the mail for a dog owner who previously avoided buying a license. But the association's advice could lead to fewer dogs being vaccinated, wrote Bob Kane, president of the Virginia Hunting . . .

Blog: Gordon & Johnson respond to Busch's criticism

Both Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson responded to critical comments Kyle Busch made about both after Saturday night's race at Daytona.

Busch claimed that he "got blown off'' by Gordon on pit road after offering congratulations and claimed: "I guess I'm the outsider looking in now and I'm probably not going to be invited into the team meetings next week so I think bliss is over at Hendrick Motorsports for Kyle Busch.''

Wednesday in a conference call with reporters, Gordon said he was in the middle of an interview when Busch came by but offered Busch a thumbs up.

Gordon also countered Bu

How much pitching is too much in Little League?

By RICH RADFORD The Virginian-Pilot
Two summers ago, 12-year-old Shawn Morimando was the bomb. Whenever he took the mound, batters were left to guess whether they’d see his 70 mile-per-hour fastball, that crazy sinker he threw, or his nasty changeup. The Virginia Beach American All-Stars rode Shawn’s left arm to a local District 8 Little League championship. Three days after that team’s run ended at the state tournament, he jumped into a van with his AAU team, the Greenbrier Panthers, to go to a national tournament in Cooperstown, . . .

Pet-size oxygen masks upgrade rescue tools

By Cindy ClaytonThe Virginian-Pilot
CHESAPEAKEAbby Johnson was a reluctant snout model Wednesday morning. Her owner, Capt. Steve Johnson, picked up the black-and-white Boston terrier and set her on the shiny front bumper of the fire truck.He slipped a piece of dog biscuit inside a special animal oxygen mask and shoved it on her snout."It's Milk-Bone chicken," Johnson said. "That's her favorite."Abby didn't fall for it. The 7-year-old dog avoided the mask, and Johnson cradled her in the crook of his arm."She's a little perturbed at . . .

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