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Blog: Building slavery museum

Your story 'First there was an idea, then plans were made, now all that's needed is money' (front page, May 20) about former Gov. Wilder's struggle to build a national slavery museum in Fredericksburg was an embarrassment. Black America is very prosperous, i.e., pro athletes, entertainers and the black church. Alone we can solve the problem of funding this museum. A museum dedicated to educating all people about the lives of slaves and their acts is important. Joza JonFrancis Portsmouth

Blog: Colonial Place: Part of What Makes Norfolk Great

Living in Colonial Place has got to be pure heaven. We are near the water, but rarely get flooded. We are within walking distance to Old Dominion University, and we have 3 different HRT bus routes that serve us. What more could anyone want?

The neighborhood is eclectic. Residents making up the neighborhood include every race you could think of. We have virtually all professions represented, from college professors, to students, to teachers, to professionals such as doctors, nurses, attorneys and real estate agents, and even a television personality or two. Musicians and artists, ha

Sword, armor found buried inside remains of James Fort

By Diane TennantThe Virginian-Pilot
JAMESTOWN - A cache of armor from the early 1600s has been discovered by archaeologists excavating a trash pit inside the remains of James Fort. Queen Elizabeth II viewed the objects during her visit Friday, observing a broadsword with a basket hilt, an iron pole, the hilt from a rapier and armor pieces that would have protected the thigh. "It may be like the tip of an iceberg," said William Kelso, director of archaeology for APVA Preservation Virginia, in a news release. "We'll see as we uncover . . .

Blog: Wheelchair Tennis & My Sons

My 13-year-old has been playing tennis for an hour each Wednesday, for the past 4 weeks. If we leave the house at 4:30 we get stuck in Virginia Beach traffic. So, we’ve been leaving at 3 and going to a restaurant to eat each week, so we don’t sit in traffic. So, that $30 wheelchair tennis program has cost me about another $50 a week, just because I hate sitting in traffic.

My 11-year-old has been out there helping with the collection of tennis balls each week. He always volunteers to help in whatever sport his brother is participating in. We don’t ask him to do this, he just do

Green Run: Expansive community is on the rebound

By JAN GAILLARDThe Virginian-Pilot
At the end of the day, Green Run resident Gwen Haver can sleep soundly, knowing her neighbors are like guardian angels - just as she is to them.It's one of the changes turning the nearly 20 -year-old neighborhood of Green Run into the kind of place folks want to live these days.The Green Run Homes Association wants people to get to know their neighbors again, said Haver, in charge of the neighborhood watch program for the community association.Quite a task, since the community consists of 15,000 . . .

Pet owners uneasy after major food recall

By Staff and wire reports
Worried pet owners are checking their shelves and calling stores where they buy their food in the wake of a major recall of moist foods. "The last two days, it's just been a lot of phone calls and people coming in worried," said Kim Williams, manager of Pet Supplies "Plus" in Virginia Beach."We've handled probably 50 to 60 calls in the past two days," in addition to people coming into the store with concerns, she said Sunday. Menu Foods, an Ontario -based company that produces pet food, said Friday . . .

Heroes at Home: 2007 Military Spouse Awards

Click to nominate someone for the Heroes at Home 2007 Military Spouse Awards. The hardest job in the military belongs to the military spouse. They must live the military life, be CO at home and often balance their demanding domestic duties with careers of their own. They are often alone, keeping the home fires burning while their spouses are deployed, serving our country across the globe. In recognition of the commitment and contributions of military spouses throughout Hampton Roads, we are proud . . .

Country's fourth best cat is livin' large in Williamsburg

By Diane TennantThe Virginian-Pilot
WILLIAMSBURG -- Converse has eaten his fill, had a drink, played around and is now asleep in a blue bed, surrounded by hot babes.This is pretty much the American dream, the real American dream, as seen on American TV, which is playing in the next room on a big screen.The babes are calling to him, luring him, but Converse doesn't answer. Later, baby. Daddy's tired.It is hard to tell, since cats sleep most of the time, whether globe-trotting has wearied him, but it has certainly taken its toll on . . .

A player's scoring can increase for many reasons, but playing time is key

By Ed MillerThe Virginian-Pilot
Kyle Visser can think of several reasons why his scoring average has jumped more than 12 points per game this season.His footwork has improved, he's stronger and better conditioned than a year ago, and his confidence is at an all-time high.Really, though, climbing from five points per game to 17.3 boils down to one thing."The biggest reason is the fact that I'm getting extended minutes," said Visser, a 6-foot-11 Wake Forest senior.In his case, necessity has been the mother of improvement, as it . . .

Corrections from The Virginian-Pilot

The Virginian-Pilot
Marvin Leon Lake, our public editor, works with readers on questions of fairness, balance and accuracy. Call (757) 446-2475.CORRECTION A correction Wednesday should have said that Gregory Mondell Elliott Sr. lives in the 1600 block of Spectator St. in Portsmouth. A story published Dec. 20 placed Elliott in the 1800 block of Spectator St.

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