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Blog: Music Overhead

There I sat, waiting. A public building. Surrounded by fellow sufferers. Restless, tired, annoyed. And then I became aware of the overhead speakers. A merry holiday tune.

A girl sitting near me, her head buried in the newspaper, unconsciously began to hum along, “Silver bells, silver bells, it’s Christmas time in the city…”

After a while it was, “I’ll be home for Christmas. You can plan on me. There’ll be snow…” I heard singing from behind and looked. A man filling out a form.

He wasn’t aware that he was singing because looking up, he caught my eye, emba

Beach seeking $600,000 paid to company in error

By RICHARD QUINNThe Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH - Last year, the city mistakenly wired $600,000 to a California company that used to run a portion of the Beach's health care plan. City officials have spent the past 18 months trying to recover the loss. Although a judge has ordered the money repaid, Virginia Beach may still lose money because the man who received the payment says he has nothing but his house to pay back the city."Of course we're concerned," Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson said Friday, in the city's first public acknowledgment . . .

People names are popular for pets

By Emily ZeugnerAssociated Press (ASAP)
It's beautiful Saturday afternoon at the park, and Lucy, Maggie and Joseph are there, enjoying the sunny weather. Katie and Riley play in the grass. Just then, Max runs up and greets Zoe, his nose sniffing her butt energetically. Don't worry, it's normal. They're dogs. This is an imagined scene but it's not far-fetched. Lately, more dogs and cats have names that would do just as well for human children. City departments of public health track the names of dogs that are licensed with the city. Although . . .

DVD releases introduce a new generation of toddlers to Looney Tunes, Disney

The Virginian-Pilot
Ho! Ho! Ho! Get ready for the barrage of holiday DVDs hitting the market in time for gift-giving and snuggling in front of the boob tube and fire.“Bah Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas” (audio: ***, video: ***, extras: **), “The Koala Brothers: Outback Christmas” (audio: ***, video: ***, extras: **), “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey Saves Santa” (audio: ***, video: ***, extras: *1/2) and “A Sesame Street Christmas Carol” (audio: ***, video: ***, extras: 0) are ready for the buyin’.In “Bah Humduck!” . . .

Blog: Not At The Table This Year

Aunt Mildred. When offered a dish, she pretended reluctance and then took a lot. “Well, if you insist, I’ll help you out…”

Grandma. Every single year at Thanksgiving Dinner time, she’d look over a table groaning with delicious things and find one item not there…and ask if someone would go get it. Usually an obscure type of pickle that no one would eat anyway.

Aunt Emma. She always overate and got a stomach ache so at some point during dinner, Uncle Scott said in a warning tone, “Now, Emma!”

My grandma’s lonely neighbor, Norina, who spoke Italian better than she spo

Investors get money back after failed bank launch

By TOM SHEANThe Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH - Having failed to line up the capital needed to launch First National Bank of Virginia, organizers of the proposed community bank decided to return the money raised so far from investors, the chairman of its organizing board said Monday. Ralph J. Nahra, board chairman of the planned Virginia Beach bank, said the organizers are working with a group from outside Hampton Roads and still hope to start a local bank. In March, Nahra and other organizers announced plans to raise at least . . .

My office is trying to kill me!

By LISA SINGHANIAAssociated Press (ASAP)
If you're looking for a real fright, it might be as near as your office kitchen. With the stench of two-month-old meatloaf or the slimy stack of encrusted dishes from last year's Christmas party, it's a ghoulish scene -- and one repeated in a scary number of offices. ''The kitchen sink at one place I worked got so bad that the rental management place came out and put a piece of plywood over the sink and bolted it down,'' recalls April Callis, an East Lansing, Mich.-based consultant who advises companies . . .

Martinsville reshuffles, tightens Chase field

By DUSTIN LONGThe Virginian-Pilot
MARTINSVILLE — Matt Kenseth left Martinsville Speedway frustrated. Jimmie Johnson walked away anxious. And, Jeff Burton marched out more determined.It was hard to tell winners from losers Sunday.The checkered flag waved first for Johnson, whose victory reshuffled the NASCAR Nextel Cup points standings and makes the season’s final four races a free-for-all. The top five drivers are within 50 points of each other. Eight drivers are within 99 points.Kenseth, discouraged with his 11th-place finish, . . .

House panel kills plan for local roads authority

By Christina Nuckols and Tom HoldenThe Virginian-Pilot
RICHMOND - State delegates Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a plan that would have allowed Hampton Roads to raise its own money for its priority road projects.In a 17-5 vote, the House Finance Committee halted efforts to create a regional transportation authority with the power to impose tolls and fees.Key House Republicans insisted they are serious about a long-term transportation fix, backing instead $1.5 billion in bonds to finance projects with existing state revenue.Another regional plan for . . .

Dismal Swamp refuge will hold first bear hunt in December

By AARON APPLEGATEThe Virginian-Pilot
SUFFOLK - The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge will hold its first black bear hunt in December, wildlife officials announced Thursday. Interested hunters can sign up for a lottery for one of the 100 permits, which will cost $50 apiece, for the two-day hunt. Officials are capping the maximum number of bears killed at 20. Interest from hunters and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries prompted the hunt, scheduled for Dec. 1-2, said Suzanne Baird, manager of the Great Dismal . . .

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