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Close Encounters | Clearwing moth, praying mantis and more

VIRGINIA BEACH Bob Rathbun in Brigadoon sent yet another story about how comfortable young hawks feel around residential areas these days. Rathbun got in the middle of a standoff between a little bird that flew into his garage to escape a young Cooper's hawk. (The bird even eventually slipped into Rathbun's house.)

Coastal Journal | "Ferocious bits of aerial agility"

VIRGINIA BEACH As I carried out a freshly filled hummingbird feeder this morning, I'll be darned if two young hummers didn't spar back and forth over the feeder as I walked across the yard. Chipping and buzzing as they zoomed back and forth at each other, the birds made me feel as if I should duck for cover!

Here's how to cook on a Himalayan salt block, if you dare

On Page 22 of Mark Bitterman's cookbook "Salt Block Cooking," the author warns against setting a hot Himalayan salt block on "trivets of silicone or wood, as they will melt or burn... " Fair enough, considering that 500-plus degrees is the optimal temperature for much of what's cooked on a salt block.

Saturday festival offers landscaping advice and more

VIRGINIA BEACH As summer makes its last, sizzling stand, local gardeners are bracing for the fall. The timing is crucial, according to Virginia Beach master gardener Stacie McGraw.

Virginia Beach cyclist raising money for homeless

VIRGINIA BEACH When Dustin Richardson bought a road bike with $700 he was saving for a car, his mother was not happy. Nine years later, he has embarked on his dream of cycling from coast to coast. His mother Sharon Blackwell has not only come around to the idea of two wheels instead of four, but is his biggest supporter.

Va. Beach event rallies moms, children for climate action

VIRGINIA BEACH Members of Moms Clean Air Force will use every breath it takes to make the air cleaner for their children's health. "It's about finding solutions," said Terra Pascarosa, regional manager. "Everything we do revolves around children's health."

Pingpong in Va. Beach this weekend will help your brain

VIRGINIA BEACH Pingpong is now a matter of local, scientific record. Westminster-Canterbury residents were the subjects. Dr. Scott Sautter of Hampton Roads Neuropsychology spearheaded the study, titled "Does playing table tennis improve brain fitness in older adults?"

Learning to grill with class: Try these 3 recipes

If you've mastered burgers, ribs and steak on the barbie, perhaps it's time to add a little French to your outdoor cooking repertoire. "BBQ Bistro: Simple, Sophisticated French Recipes for Your Grill" will have you thinking outside state lines with dishes such as Grilled Salmon Benedict and Grilled Ratatouille.

5 Things: Low gas prices; LaShawn Merritt rebounds; American Music Festival to take center stage

Five Things brings to you today a preview of the American Music Festival and shockingly low gas prices in time for the Labor Day weekend. Today's sunny weather is fleeting. Forecasters predict today's upper-80s to drop into the 70s this weekend, bringing chances of some slight rain and winds around 15 mph.

Va. Beach event Sept. 12 boosts mental health awareness

VIRGINIA BEACH When a loved one takes his or her life, the loss is often excruciating. Frequently, the common bond that forms between survivors help them cope and find ways to live normally again, according to Chris Gilchrist, a licensed clinical social worker.

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