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Kanye West's 2005 Katrina outburst led to Black Lives Matter

He looked nervous moments before opening his mouth. But when he did, Kanye West sparked a pivotal moment on TV that planted the seeds for the kind of political expression ubiquitous today on social media.

Brothers take new approach to Bible in Va. Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH Two brothers are taking the best-selling book of all time and using social media to bring it to life in a novel way. Two years ago, Chris Breitenberg and Andrew Breitenberg created the smartphone app, Parallel Bible, with the intention of connecting people by allowing users to post their own pictures alongside Bible verses.

Lorraine Eaton's pick of the week | VLiNG tonic

I trim a calorie when I can, but until now diet tonic never made the cut. VLiNG tonic does, without any of that chemical-y off taste. Just 35 calories in a 12-ounce can. I found it for $5.99 a four pack at Kroger, 4625 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach.

Tidewater road trip: Taking the southern route

Two routes connect South Hampton Roads to Williamsburg: The northern route risks hours trapped in traffic knots; the other is guaranteed delicious.

Close Encounters | Wild turkey chicks, butterflies, caterpillars

Here are Close Encounters for the week of Aug. 30, 2015: Arnold Oliver in Harborton on the Eastern Shore sent a photo of a wily black snake coiled around his hummingbird feeder. See it on my blog.

Coastal Journal | Virginia Beach boat trips are "dolphin showtime"

VIRGINIA BEACH Virginia is known as the Mother of Presidents, and perhaps you could say our state is Mother of Dolphins as well. Lots of baby dolphins are born and bred every year in their "nursery" right around Cape Henry inside the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. So many dolphin babes are born and cavort in that area that dolphin researchers have nicknamed it Dolphin Disneyland.

John Wayne, the character and man, revealed

Scene 1: It’s a location by Catalina Island, off the southern coast of California, for a 1930 submarine picture titled “Men Without Women” directed by John Ford, a manipulative martinet who also had a hand in writing the script. It’s cold, the water is colder and the waves are way up.

With "Purity," Jonathan Franzen delivers his least self-conscious and most intimate novel

In his dynamic new novel, Jonathan Franzen draws a funny portrait of a writer struggling to write a novel “that would secure him his place in the modern American canon.” “Once upon a time,” this writer named Charles thinks, “it had sufficed to write ‘The Sound and the Fury’ or ‘The Sun Also Rises.’ But now bigness was essential.

From 52 to 83 years old, Silver Tappers still have it

VIRGINIA BEACH A guest at The Memory Center heard that a group of tap dancers were set to perform Aug. 20. "Maybe they were the Rockettes," he said with a smile. "Well, I'm gonna stick around for that," another replied.

Animals roaming the mall in Va. Beach? What's up?

VIRGINIA BEACH Darlene Mueller spoke to her husband on the phone. "We're at the mall and Lindsey's riding an elephant," she said. The Portsmouth resident smiled when she realized he thought their granddaughter, Lindsey Daniel of Moyock, was atop a live circus creature. Nope, she told him. The 12-year-old was gallivanting through Lynnhaven Mall on a motorized animal.

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