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Sales consultant's talents have gone to the dogs

Jen Barkan works hard to help people find their forever home. And while she's at it, she hopes to find forever homes for local dogs. Barkan is an online sales consultant with Rose and Womble Realty. "I handle all calls for people interested in new homes," Barkan said.

Community event brings the dogs out and books in

Cats might have been allowed, but not one was in sight. Sixty dogs and their owners gathered at 419 Colonial Avenue last weekend in front of The Williams School for its Howlin' Around the Hague Pet Parade and Howl-O-Ween Fest. One might have expected mayhem, but the animals were well-behaved. There was some barking, but no fighting. Some even napped.

A sure sign of winter: the art festival's over

The chilling reality that comes with the start of chilly weather is that a year is about to end. Fall starts innocently enough: The appearance of pumpkins in the supermarket comes just as the cool nights come one after another, almost without interruption.

Column │The jacket fits, but is it fitting?

When I was in high school, I found an old sailor's jacket at a thrift store. The white piping frayed and yellowed, it had the name "C.D. Lindsey" stitched in green cursive inside it. It was love at first sight. How oddly prophetic the jacket that spoke to me years ago ended up becoming such a huge part of my adult life.

Youth honored for success in face of obstacles

Local youth will once again be celebrated at the Teens with a Purpose gala on Nov. 7. The eighth annual Gala and Youth Move Makers Award ceremony will be from 6 to 10 p.m. at The Chrysler Museum of Art. Teens with a Purpose was formed in 1996 and now goes by TWP-The Movement.

Choir director's compositions are a hit

"During a church service, there's always a little noise. This time, it was unusually quiet. Everyone was focused on the music," the Rev. George Bessinas said. The occasion was a choir conference Oct. 4 hosted by Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral on Granby Street. The priest estimated about 70 people came from several states to sing with the church's choir.

Feel and flavor of big city street shopping finds its way to ghent

For most of the week, the parking lot next to Antique Design Center in Ghent is a temporary resting place for cars. But Sunday afternoons it is a happening.

Nutcracker audition keeps ballet students on their toes

They filed into the studio quietly, a study in both excitement and timidity. Eleven girls, ages 10-12, with hair in buns, were wearing tights, ballet shoes and leotards with numbers affixed to the front. They were the first group on the final day of auditions for the Richmond Ballet's "Nutcracker" in Norfolk.

Daughter carries on family business, community service

"I am the last Spicer in the business," Sandee Spicer-Byrd said. Growing up, she did not envision a career at Frank Spicer Co., a commercial and home kitchen/restaurant supply firm named after her father.

Special diet for infant blossoms into big business

Colin Gibney's first taste of milk-based formula was his last. The 4-month-old rejected it. He coughed and vomited. His tight throat made a distorted sound.

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