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Brothers enjoy success in sports and school

Two Portsmouth brothers are basking in the glow of hard-earned sports honors. Cah'lique Young, 8, placed twice in the 2015 AAU Junior Olympics at Norfolk State University. Older brother Kamareon, 10, is part of a championship Little League team. Their triumphs required discipline and focus, traits they've learned from the village that is raising them.

Suffolk Mystery Author's Festival draws crowd

One of the biggest mysteries at the second annual Suffolk Mystery Author's Festival was who is Sparkle Abbey, new author of several best-sellers that had not signed in at the event. The festival was Aug. 22 at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts.

Union troops cleaned out Suffolk house, but one left message

When Nathaniel Riddick returned to his home in Suffolk after the Civil War, it wasn't quite the same as his family had left it. "It was completely ransacked," said Lee King, director and curator of Riddick's Folly house museum. "If they (Federals) had been driven out, they probably would have burnt the building as they left."

Does Portsmouth really need a fancy new park?

Last Monday was a nice August day, maybe at 90 degrees a bit hot for us air-conditioned folks. But it wasn't humid and it wasn't raining.

Students acquire cooking skills and a second chance

Geography had a part to play in a 2015 culinary arts program. Graduates, family and friends of the Mass Culinary Education Program gathered at Oasis Social Ministries on July 17th to celebrate new careers and new beginnings.

Suffolk family has fostered 95 children

When it comes to love for children, pastor Miles Jordan and his wife Deborah practice what they preach. Over the past 26 years, the Suffolk couple has fostered 95 children. They recently adopted four siblings from their last group of kids. The adoptees are twin boys, Amere and Alijah, 5, a brother Ronnie, 8, and sister Tamiah, 9.

Neighborhood children get close look at public-service role models

There are 165 children in Berkley and Southside Norfolk whose summer vacation thrills included more than chuting down a waterslide. They got to stand next to public-service role models and imagine themselves in stimulating careers.

Animal Matters: Help may be coming for pets in hot cars

On a recent ovenlike day, I received a text from a Norfolk SPCA donor that alarmed me. "Is it legal for a bystander to break a window if they see dogs in a car alone?" she asked. I could only imagine her standing helplessly next to a car with dogs, quite literally, baking inside.

City's links to World War II are impressive

A MOVEMENT in Washington to start naming "American Cities of World War II" has the folks down in Wilmington, N.C., hot on becoming the first named. The bill was introduced by North Carolina senators who made the case for Wilmington, a lovely historic city where two of my very good friends from years ago grew up.

Local comedians rally around one of their own

TO TIM LOULIES, helping others is no laughing matter. The Portsmouth-based comic, known professionally as "The Big 44" uses his craft to help raise money for local charities. For two years he's joined fellow comedians in "Help for H.E.R," an evening of laughs that provides holiday gifts for the women and children in the city's Help and Emergency Response shelter.

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