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After 8 years, do I get to call myself a Virginian yet?

When does one become a Virginian?
The question's not a softball setup for a Jeff Foxworthy list, one that starts, "You know you're from Virginia when you have more coffee-table books on Thomas Jefferson than actual coffee tables."

Leave the job and Jet Ski behind - go on a real adventure

Before Bryan Waugh can leave it all behind and operate on his own schedule, he must wait a few more days.

Will Norfolk paradegoers get behind premium seats?

These behinds can't go just anywhere. They deserve the best seats, no matter the venue, no matter the surcharge.
In Vegas, at the most froufrou of resorts, high rollers can pay extra to move their chairs directly into the sunlight by the pool.

Contestant for Voice of McDonald's is ambassador of dreams

THomas Johnson wears McDonald's shirts. He carries McDonald's pens. He describes himself as a "brand ambassador" for the fast-food chain, which must be true if only because he uses the phrase "brand ambassador." Johnson started at McDonald's as a 17-year-old. "Everybody was fun," he said. "It seems like a good environment."

Hey, is that a 3-D TV? Oh, and can you spare $1 million?

Hey there, buddy. Just wanted to say hi. How ya doing? Haven't seen you around lately. Been off to Costa Rica? Spain? Maybe Barcelona? Nothing's up. Why do you ask?

Goal of new indoor soccer league? A next season

Friday marks the first indoor soccer game of the Norfolk SharX, the latest in a long line of minor league franchises to move to Norfolk with an odd game, odder spellings and unusual uniforms designed to appeal to fans and folks who can't stomach another night at the movies.
So, allow me this cardinal sin for the Hampton Roads sports fan: I am excited.

A state-size version of 'Antiques Roadshow'

The treasure is all around us.
It's in the garage or in the attic collecting dust. It's near the sump pump or on the mantel next to that wedding gift no one really appreciated.

Who needs a therapy couch when you have a record label?

The legend of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle - even for nonrock musicians - is steeped in drama, with check-ins to rehab and then reality shows based on life in those programs.
Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Courtney Love, Britney Spears, Chris Brown.

What's left at Waterside? Popcorn, Mylar and 6-foot fish.

Six-year-old girls probably dream about places like the Waterside Festival Marketplace.
Maybe each night when they lay their heads on their pillows and talk of Disney world and giant sundaes and gum balls and oversized fish that play instruments, their parents whisper sweetly: "Silly girl, why go to Orlando when you can stay here? We can do all those things at Waterside."

Not just any trick-or-treater can get into this candy stash

Tonight, for Halloween, as the trick-or-treaters wander the neighborhood, hesitantly making their way up my porch, I will stand guard over two bowls of candy.
The first is for the princesses, the Snow Whites, the cowboys, the vampires, the Buzz Lightyears and the mini-monsters who are scavenging for candy.
And the other?

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