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Pardon me, chef, do you have anything not orange?

HELLO and welcome. My name's Mike, and I'll be your waiter this evening.
I want to tell you about a few specials before you really dive into the menu.
Because it's October, Chef has prepared a few fall-themed dishes.
But let's not put the haycart before the horse.

It's time for everyday Virginians to enter the debate

The teacher from Las Vegas. The couple from Appleton, Wis. The autoworker from Toledo, Ohio.
Who are these people? And why do the presidential candidates keep talking about them?
In the first presidential debate, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were quick to gab about nine everyday Americans they've met on the campaign trail. Not surprisingly, most of those folks live in swing states.

I'm totally in control of my fantasy-sports habit

It's narcissistic to even write this column because, as a general rule, conversations about fantasy sports - or really games of any kind, board games, video games, relationship games - are best kept exclusively among the participants.

At age 30, the CD still knows how to rock

The compact disc turned 30 last week, but we'll forgive you for acting like it was much, much older than that. With the observance came a predictable lot of dour celebrations.

Winter storms have us shivering before first flake

This will be the worst-sounding winter ever.
Hear that, all you weather hounds, with your weather apps and up-to-the-minute radar that tracks average global lightning strikes? Might as well get out the extra batteries for your high-powered weather radio right now, even though it's early October.

There's nothing like Friday night football

I spent dozens of Friday nights in the '80s and '90s wrapped in school colors and sweatshirts, sitting and standing and huddling on aluminum bleachers cheering for high school football teams.

Gabby's got her key; can we unlock one for you?

SO Gabby Douglas, she of the golden smile and occasional Virginia Beach ZIP code, was given a key to the city last week.
Well-deserved and well-earned.

Ad nauseam: Looking for a pretend wife

Sometimes Craigslist gives you a good deal on a weed whacker. Other times, Craigslist changes your life and skews the way you look at every couple at a dinner party, forcing you to question their motives and hearing every word that comes out of their mouths as a conspiratorial lie.

Would Beach arena improve the local concert scene?

Forget about an NBA team, at least for a moment.
Forget about an NHL team. Sure, professional sporting events here would be nice, fine, great.
But among the most interesting and most exciting and most quickly overlooked benefits of a new arena for Virginia Beach is what the building would mean for the region's concert scene.
In other words: Virginia Beach, are you ready to rooooooooock?

Back then, eight wheels was how he rolled

Claude had been passed around the newsroom until his number arrived on my desk. The note said Claude Whitehurst, local man, used to be a roller-skating champion.
Roller-skating, huh? So I called.
Another summer is finished. Another fall arrived Saturday. And this year is no different: you hardly see anyone roller-skating or even rollerblading - I'm sorry, in-line skating - anymore.

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