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Corrections from The Virginian-Pilot

The Virginian-Pilot
Marvin Leon Lake, our public editor, works with readers on questions of fairness, balance and accuracy. Call (757) 446-2475. CORRECTION Maritime pilot Lynn Deibert, who fell from the ladder of a ship he was boarding this month in the Delaware Bay and is still missing, was president of Chesapeake & Interstate Pilots Association Inc. The association was incorrectly named in a story ("Investigators unsure of cause in ship pilot's fall from ladder") in Wednesday's Hampton Roads section.

Bow tie wearers are not like the rest of us

The Virginian-Pilot
THERE ARE two types of guys in this world: those who wear bow ties and those who don't.I don't.But I was curious about how people make the decision to be bow tie guys. So I journeyed to a place where nothing but wise decisions are made, the General Assembly in Richmond.Richmond is awash in bow ties, relatively speaking. You're never going to see a lot of them, especially in South Hampton Roads, but in Richmond the likelihood increases. Nearly every committee meeting, you're bound to see someone . . .

Valuable message behind the 'Mad'-ness

The Virginian-Pilot
THE LINE of students stretched down the hallway of the Abbott Center Auditorium at the University of Virginia. It extended through a doorway and nearly reached a flight of stairs hundreds of feet away. The 500-plus college kids, mostly business students, were dressed in orange and blue. They carried signs like "I uE06B JC."As in I uE06B Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC's popular television show "Mad Money," which was taped in Charlottes-ville this month. The show makes learning about the stock market . . .

Justin's Grammy bonanza kinda changes the landscape

The Virginian-Pilot
'I find it funny that we recorded such a club-friendly record in such a desolate area of the world.... But the good part about working in Virginia Beach... is like the joke we just made. There really is nothing to do there. There's nothing but strip malls and Chick-fil-A's and I think maybe one club in the whole Virginia Beach area." - Justin Timberlake, September 2006I'm still angry at Justin.I mean, it's not like we were BFF to begin with. When he came out with all his bubble-gum pop songs, I . . .

Rudy Giuliani to speak at Regent University luncheon in April

By Matthew BowersThe Virginian-Pilot
Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor who this week confirmed he’s running for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, will speak at Regent University’s Executive Leadership Series on April 17, the school announced Thursday.Giuliani was recognized for his leadership in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks that toppled the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001, and was named Time magazine’s “Man of the Year” for that year. He since has written a book on leadership and founded a . . .

A gift of chocolate used to be so easy

The Virginian-Pilot
JUST A friendly reminder here: It's Valentine's Day. So, fellas, if you're reading this and somehow forgot, tough break.And if you thought you were gonna just go out and buy some chocolate, well... I don't know how to tell you this, but it's not going to happen.See, chocolate is not just chocolate. Chocolate would like to be addressed by its first and last names these days. Chocolate is milk chocolate or dark chocolate or even monsieur chocolat in certain areas. Chocolate is no longer easy.I was . . .

89-year-old gym-meister is putting us all to shame

AN 89-year-old man kicked my butt last month.
And the month before that, and the month before that and the month before that.
His name is John Dyer, and he weighs 139 pounds.
Don't laugh. He could kick your butt, too.

Nothing too fishy about Suffolk

The Virginian-Pilot
LET'S STOP thinking of Suffolk as the big ol' farm from days o' yonder.Instead, pick a point in time when, then, exactly then, Suffolk was no longer a sleepy hollow of cotton fields and a couple of traffic lights.Was it 10 years ago, when subdivisions and developments started sprouting throughout the city?Was it in the past five years, when downtowners were able to get a beer after dark or their caffeine fix from a local coffeehouse?Was it the opening of a jazz club or the cultural arts center in . . .

Conversation may be lost, but, really, is it missed?

The Virginian-Pilot
VENDING MACHINES were once good for a Kit Kat bar, a cola and, in the right kind of pancake house, a pack of cigarettes.A few weeks ago, giant new DVD vending machines started appearing throughout Hampton Roads. They're called Redbox, and they allow people to rent a DVD for $1 a night. No late fees - just another $1 a day. They're usually located at a McDonald's or a grocery store. Right now, there are at least 10 in South Hampton Roads.In some parts of the country, vending machines sell iPods, . . .

What's in a name? Ask this columnist

IF WE'RE GOING to do this three times a week, we might as well do it right.
Look at my last name closely. See? It's with a "u," not an "o."
Michael Gross was the actor from the sitcom "Family Ties. " My last name is G-r-u-s-s and is pronounced Gr-oo-se. Like loose, or juice or even couscous, if you say it twice really fast.

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