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Choice Chappelle moments

By malcolm venableThe Virginian-Pilot
WHO IS Dave Chappelle? Sure, he's the guy behind "Chappelle's Show," the first-season DVD sales of which became the highest ever for a TV show. But who is Dave Chappelle really? Does anybody even know? After he famously walked away from a $50 million deal when, as he said, pressures from the TV show became too much, he went from being a funny phenomenon to an enigma. Even his longtime writing partner, Neal Brennan, said he was "not well." Rumors flew that he was on drugs. Yet in interviews with . . .

Mother of teen killed after Chesapeake hit-and-run files suit against man's estate

By JOHN HOPKINSThe Virginian-Pilot
CHESAPEAKE - The mother of a teen killed in a hit-and-run accident has filed a lawsuit against the estate of a 63-year-old motorist charged in the Dec. 30 incident. David R. Martin, a senior at Deep Creek High School, was hit by a car as he rode his bike near the intersection of Cedar Road and U.S. 17 in Deep Creek.After Martin was hit, the driver sped away, Chesapeake police said.Helene Martin, the teen's mother, filed the lawsuit in Circuit Court against Jerry Meekins, the Deep Creek man who was . . .

Residents, mayor left in dark on city icon selection

By Rita FrankenberryThe Virginian-Pilot
CHESAPEAKE - Withspeculation mounting about what official symbol the city will adopt,even the mayor’s curiosity has been piqued. During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Dalton Edgerequested council be allowed to see the proposed icon, before its Sept.7 unveiling. “I’m anxious to see it,” Edge said.“I have not worked directly on it myself." Edge said he knew of the City Symbol Committee's efforts to identify anicon, but has had no input. “I did ask at the council meeting that we get . . .

One pill a day to battle AIDS

The Virginian-Pilot
Breakthroughs in medical chemistry aren't the only way to make it easier to cope with life-threatening diseases. Sometimes, it's as simple as reducing the number of pills that patients must take. So it's great news that people suffering from AIDS will soon take just one pill a day to help keep the disease in check. It should make compliance even better.That's a significant development from a quarter-century ago, when the disease was first detected, and from a decade ago, when AIDS patients consumed . . .

Kill Devil Hills man hits lottery in between lightning strikes

By catherine kozakThe Virginian-Pilot
Lewis Hudgins' house in Kill Devil Hills was zapped by lightning two weeks ago. It happened again this week.In between, Hudgins won the lottery. The 75-year-old retired vice president of an electrical wholesale business won $10,000 in the June 24 North Carolina Education Lottery Powerball drawing. Lottery spokeswoman Veronica Green said Hudgins is the first person in Dare County to win a pot bigger than $5,000 since the state lottery was launched March 30. "I'll use it - believe me," he said Thursday. . . .

Sibling golfers: It's par for this family

By Jim DucibellaThe Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH - If given the chance, Bruce and Camilla Paolini would create a family crest featuring golf clubs and a loving cup, a compass and a road map of the United States.Since Memorial Day, son Brinson, 15, has traveled to Orlando, Roanoke, Greensboro, Williamsburg and Hudson, Ohio, for golf tournaments and matches. Fast on the horizon are trips to Orlando - again - Richmond, Charlottesville, Colorado, California and North Carolina.And that still leaves open the last three weeks of August.Brielle . . .

Skaters looking for more than Mount Trashmore

VIRGINIA BEACH - Brandtly Carrow , his feet glued to a skateboard, slid down a quarter pipe and onto a funbox - types of ramps, for the uninitiated. He jumped onto a rail and allowed the nose of his skateboard to glide across it. A few seconds later, Brandtly landed on the concrete and rolled away to perform the trick again. A gaggle of other teenagers and children skated around Brandtly, 13. It was just after 3 p.m. the day before Virginia Beach schools were letting out for the summer, and Mount . . .

Kaine solicits ideas to expand state's preschool offerings to all

With a state budget finally settled, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine started to lay the groundwork Wednesday for what will be his next major legislative battle: expanding pre school education. Kaine told the Start Strong Council that he wants the group of legislators, business leaders, educators and early childhood advocates to come up with proposals for Virginia's universal pre school model by mid-October so he can include some of the ideas in the mid term budget. Most of the more costly proposals will . . .

Group to focus on keeping children safe on Internet

By Michelle WashingtonThe Virginian-Pilot
A task force to protect children from Internet predators will hold its first meeting next month. Attorney General Bob McDonnell asked representatives from online service providers, law enforcement, school and parent groups and the General Assembly to discuss ways to strengthen laws to prevent abuse of children that begins online. They will form the Youth Internet Safety Task Force. The group is scheduled to meet for the first time July 14 in Alexandria. It will meet at sites around the . . .

Leave cancer patient and his family alone

The Virginian-Pilot
Starchild Abraham Cherrix said no. No stabbing. No poisoning. No burning.Enough.But for refusing what amounts to Geneva Convention-levels of torture, Abraham, a 15-year-old Chincoteague resident with Hodgkin’s disease, may be yanked from his family. They’ve been accused of parental neglect for allowing him to pursue alternative cancer treatments at a Mexican clinic instead of returning to the hell that is chemotherapy. For backing their son’s refusal to submit to high doses of chemo and radiation, . . .

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