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Portsmouth courthouse to shut doors for asbestos cleanup

By Meghan HoyerThe Virginian-Pilot
PORTSMOUTH — A few days ago, city officials said they would be forced to shut down the second floor of the Circuit Court to remove asbestos. Now, they’re looking at closing the entire building. Judges and court employees became worried about staying on the first floor while the asbestos was being removed, prompting city leaders to say they would completely seal off the building.That means that five judges, five courtrooms, the probation office and clerk’s office all will have to move from the . . .

New distribution center could create 300 jobs

By GREGORY RICHARDSThe Virginian-Pilot
Southampton County is poised to get its first distribution center that is focused on sorting goods moving through the port of Hampton Roads, county officials said. The center will be a complex of five buildings on 18.5 acres in the Southampton Business Park, about five miles west of Franklin on U.S. 58. It is anticipated that about 300 jobs will be created by the project, which will be built in five phases, said Sherief Singer, project manager for Southampton Terminal LLC, the project’s developer.Singer . . .

Photos: George Washington strike group deploys to Caribbean

The Virginian-Pilot
On the pier, Juderky Rosa, wife of sailor Edgar Rosa, and their son Isac, 18 months, watch as the ship departs on Tuesday. The cruise is considered a show of force to the anti-American governments in Cuba and Venezuela. Background: GW strike group will head south for training

Want a job without fries? Drive around the basics

Q. I have been looking for a part-time job for about six months. The market is so bad out here it is hard to find anything that does not include fries. Just kidding. But it really is a challenge. What say you? — T.Q. A. You may not be casting a wide enough net, advises Jon Sargent, who manages occupational outlook studies for the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). If you’re like many people, you may just be skimming the surface of doing a thorough search. That’s what new data that Sargent . . .

Assessors pinpoint cause of spike in Suffolk

By AARON APPLEGATEThe Virginian-Pilot
SUFFOLK - For years, home assessments in low-priced neighborhoods south of downtown have been stagnant. But when the city assessor unveiled new figures this week, startling changes jumped out. For example, the average assessment increase for homes in the neighborhood of Saratoga was a whopping 96 percent, the largest increase in the city. In Lloyd Place , the average increase was 82 percent, the city's second-highest jump. Last year's increase for both of those neighborhoods? Zero. The year before . . .

Ink at your Inc. Are tattoos in the workplace acceptable?

By Jessica M. PaskoAssociated Press (ASAP)
For Jacky Kirkpatrick, preparing for work each day as a hospital secretary takes a little extra work. First she has to take out her nose ring, and then make sure that all of her 16 tattoos are covered up.Short-sleeved shirts are out and skirts and pants must be long enough to cover the tattoos on her calves, feet and ankles. A chunky watch on her left wrist covers the lines of poetry tattooed there. Her long hair is worn down to cover the large Aries sign on her neck.It's tricky in the summer heat, . . .

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