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Banker's legacy is interest he built in philanthropy

Craig Reilly was a young banker, an up-and-comer accepting more responsibility at work when his mentor told him in no uncertain terms that he needed to be more involved in the community and specifically with charity work.

Disappearing Bobs could use a hand, and a bite

Save the Bobs.
Save the Roberts, the Robs, the Robbies and the Bobbys, and you, Berts, go ahead and get in there for rescuing, too. Apparently you all need to be saved.

A few caveats for the Beach's light-rail referendum

I humbly submit my amendments to the light-rail referendum scheduled in November for Virginia Beach voters. The question should read:
-If the mood is right and the price is in the ballpark and the sun is rising with the perfect light and Marvin Gaye is playing in the background; and

Big or small, sometimes numbers can blow your mind

Let's talk big numbers with lots of zeros. Norfolk Southern reported quarterly net income of $410 million (written the long way, that's $410,000,000). The Norfolk city council is having talks about its budget, which sounds made up at $1.1 billion ($1,100,000,000). The Mega Millions lottery last month created a frenzy at $656 million ($656,000,000).

When a giant pickle attacks, don't think. Just run.

Two police cars, one at each end of the block, were stationed as a barricade.

How can dairy farming be bad? There's always cheese

Meet Connie Wright, a dairy farmer who lives just outside Ivor in Isle of Wight County. She has the second-worst job in the country, according to a survey released last week. In Hampton Roads, perhaps no job is worse than hers.
The online survey by CareerCast ranked dairy farmer No. 199 on its list of the 200 best and worst careers in the country.

There's more to being a clown than makeup

Behold! For I am Mo-Piles, the world’s most boring clown.
Mo-Piles just stands there, just outside the circus rings, occasionally taking notes with a completely normal, nonwater-squirting pen. Mostly, he just does nothing.
And yet: Look as fascinated children of all ages cannot stop staring. They wait in line and run up to him, asking for his autograph. Astounding!

Which shipyard deserves to be 'The Yard'?

Almost all of the shipbuilders, colloquially, call their employer "The Yard." Hey, where do you work? The Yard. Where you headed this morning? The Yard. Why all the traffic? The Yard got out. If you're going to be technical about it, there are nine major shipyards in Hampton Roads. In all, they employ more than 40,000 locals, a figure that doesn't include subcontractors.

Terrified of 'Hunger Games' sequel

It was Saturday night. My wife and I had no plans. Here was the proposal: Like much of America, we could go see "The Hunger Games."

'Star' at MacArthur Center shines light on 'celebrity'

He's a star. Look at him. Look at these four young women surrounding him there in one of the most crowded parts of MacArthur Center. Look at them admiring him, oohing and ahhing at him. Shrieking? Is it an exaggeration to say shrieking? It is not.

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