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Consultant has right makeup for high-profile clients

Let's start with the high-profile list of clients: Govs. Wilder, Warner and Kaine; Rep. Scott Rigell; Rep. Bobby Scott;WVEC anchor David Alan; more than 100 local television reporters; Dennis Gartman, the commodities guy who appears frequently on cable news shows; Norfolk Southern CEO Wick Moorman.
"They've all sat in my chairs," Kim Wadsworth said.

Hall of famer signed ball, but that's not why I cherish it

If I were to assemble an exhibit of the most important baseballs I've gripped, the display would feature: -- Sammy Sosa's 16th home-run ball in 1998, plucked from the bleachers of Chicago's Wrigley Field. -- The ball I pitched 2/3 of an inning with around 1990, the only time in my little league career I toed the rubber.

Never know who's watching the road in Chesapeake

I WAS DRIVING to Chesapeake. Dentist appointment.
Got off the highway. I'm a few minutes late but not obscenely so.
Traffic light. It's yellow. What do I do?

Concertgoers, are you really surprised by an encore?

It was an idle threat.
Dan Auerbach, the singer for the Black Keys, warned the thousands of fans at the Ted Constant Convocation Center last Friday that if the crowd didn't make some noise, the next song might be the last time they would see him for the night.

Your Facebook password says a lot about you

I'm going to need your Facebook password. Before you keep reading, just write it down. Better yet, type it out and send it to me via email. Don't worry. I won't play your turn in Words With Friends; it's just that, as The Associated Press reported last week, more employers are asking potential job candidates for their Facebook password.

Encyclopedia Britannica... now a collector's item?

Joel Sop acquired the encyclopedias from a family friend, who runs a thrift store, whose owners got them from an old man who was donating the set. Encyclopedias are bountiful at thrift stores, so Sop bought the books cheap.

Is Norfolk hungry for chain restaurants at Waterside?

Last summer was the height of Ghent's cold war.
The year of one new ice cream place followed by another new ice cream place after another frozen yogurt place. Five or six spots in just a few blocks. As if customers, malcontent that hot fudge and marshmallow creme were not on every corner, revolted: How can we live like this? How can we be expected to walk 150 feet to get ice cream?

Our columnist gets a big head - a really, really big head

You needed a break.
So you took a few minutes away from the emails about company financials or the tedious job of refrigerator cleaning for a little me-time with you and your bracket. A few moments to catch a glimpse of college basketball's March Madness.

Sharing my space with an even younger columnist

Here at the ol' newspaper, we're always looking for younger readers. But then, right after we say we want younger readers, we go and write more articles about politics and money and - in case children aren't yawning enough already - hundreds of words on boring redistricting maps that appeal only to the most boring of adults and a few precocious kids.

Cable TV just isn't clicking with me anymore

Question 1: How much better is your television programming now - when the cable bill auto-drafts a few extra bucks from the bank account - than say five years, 10 years or 20 years ago?

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