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Take 6 to test your 6th sense with these 6 questions

It's not Friday the 13th, but if you're the superstitious type, you may want to consider staying in bed. Today is the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year or 6/6/6, an icky little number that some believe is an omen of evil. So what can we expect on such a creepily-themed day? Read what local religious officials had to say and submit your own comments. Speaking of omens, today also is the not-so-coincidental release of the movie re-make "The Omen." See movie trailers, find theater listings . . .

Aniston and Vaughn's ''Break-Up'' mirrors real life

By MAL VINCENTThe Virginian-Pilot
SANTA MONICA, Calif. — The paparazzi, some 15 cameramen bearing tons of equipment, pace restlessly outside the Shutters Beach Club, just a few feet from the sands that lead down to the Pacific Ocean.She, quickly brushing brown tresses back from her forehead, arrives in a chauffeured limousine – a stretch thing that could have passed for a tank. She’s tiny. Cute. Pert. She looks like the girl next door or someone who might appear in a TV show called “Friends.” He arrives about five minutes later . . .

Third time's not the charm: Why trilogies often fail to deliver

By ALEX VEIGA Associated Press (ASAP)
As the third and supposedly last chapter in the "X-Men" films hits theaters this week, many a fanboy is struggling to temper excitement and anticipation with dread over that ubiquitous trilogy killer: The fan-boy syndrome. A perfectly good film, packed with action, interesting characters, maybe even breakthrough special effects, becomes a hit. The sequel follows, upping the ante as the plot thickens, action is amped up and characters get meatier. A ride this good can only get better, you think. . . .

Photos: Funeral salutes slain Norfolk police officer

By steve earleyThe Virginian-Pilot
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Corrections from The Virginian-Pilot

The Virginian-Pilot
The Currituck County Relay for Life was held Friday and Saturday at Currituck County High School. The days were incorrect in the Albemarle Briefs column in Thursday's North Carolina edition.Kelvin Sealy scored two goals in Cox High School's boys soccer victory over Bayside on Thursday. Sealy was incorrectly identified as Fealy in the High Schools results in Friday's Sports section.Actress Audrey Tautou made her English-speaking screen debut in "Dirty Pretty Things." A review of the movie "The Da . . .

Dogma versus Da Vinci: The Word comes to life in protest at the Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH - The bright sun and sand stirred up by the wind stung Charles Fox's eyes as he lay on the beach Saturday. Fox was annoyed at first, but then he remembered why he was at the Oceanfront. He was one of about 50 people who spelled the word "JESUS" on the beach between 8th and 9th streets by laying on the sand. They wore red T-shirts, symbolic of the blood shed by Jesus on the cross. The event, sponsored by Harvest Outreach Ministries , was in protest of "The Da Vinci Code." The movie, . . .

Summer Movie Preview 2006

By mal vincentThe Virginian-Pilot
As the temperature climbs and school lets out, the air conditioning will be on full blast as more than 200 local movie screens ready for the busiest season of the year. The fare is mostly light. There will be several surprise flops hidden in the schedule - and a handful of hits that will be enough to lure the renters from behind their bolted doors. Let's take a look. (Remember that release dates are subject to change.) MayMay 26"X MEN: THE LAST STAND' "THE PROMISE' A martial arts fantasy about a . . .

Moviegoers say “The Da Vinci Code” just good fun, not a threat to their faith

By steven g. veghThe Virginian-Pilot
NORFOLK — Its religious critics say “The Da Vinci Code” undermines Christianity, but Linda Whitaker emerged from the first screening at Regal MacArthur Center 18 on Friday praising the film, her faith intact.“It’s a wonderful movie; I really did enjoy it a lot,” said Whitaker, a member of Great Bridge Presbyterian Church in Chesapeake. “It doesn’t change my beliefs about the Bible. It doesn’t change my beliefs about my faith or my Jesus Christ.”Some church leaders have called “The Da Vinci . . .

Unlocking 'The Da Vinci Code'

By CHELSEA J. CARTER Associated Press (ASAP)
LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The way Akiva Goldsman tells it, it was a daunting offer: Take ''The Da Vinci Code'' from the page to the screen.It would be a thankless, if not impossible, task -- with 50 million copies of the book sold, people already had visualized it in their minds.''I was tremendously impressed by the book and had absolutely no idea how to adapt it, since it's a complex, labyrinthine and intricate piece of fiction,'' Goldsman told asap. ''My inclination was to shy away from it.''But unlocking . . .

The Grail Trail

By MAL VINCENTThe Virginian-Pilot
A POTBOILER novel has been turned into a potboiler movie with all the cliches of the usual chase-manhunt genre. So, in this Grail quest, what's all the hoopla about?"The Da Vinci Code," the movie, offers a flight across Europe, car chases, murky shadows, an albino killer, gunshots and a murder - the typical outlandish, and often silly, scenes of pop pap. However, it also brings a whopping intrigue of a plot that will likely challenge viewers' sensibilities more than their faith. The surprising thing, . . .

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