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Q+ A: Dedication and hard work pay off for Family Tree

FAMILY TREE had to go through some dark times before it released its latest recording, the 2006 EP "Silver Lining." The Norfolk outfit formed in spring 1998 when brothers Derek (vocals/guitar) and Andy Smith (drums) and guitarist Kevin Turner left Roundtree and formed an eight-piece rock/jam band.

Q+A: Metal core In Cynthia's Diary from Chesapeake

In Cynthia's Diary is a post-hard-core/metal-core, four-member band out of Chesapeake.

Q + A: Norfolk's garage/punk/alternative rockers The Dunes

  The Dunes is based in Norfolk. Its genre may be somewhere around garage rock/punk/alternative, but one thing's for sure - it's original. "All we want to do is create our own thing and see what evolves from it," said lead vocalist and guitarist Daniel Pravda.

Q + A: Alternative rockers Bimini Rd. gear up for competition

Some people believe that Bimini Road is an underwater route to Atlantis, but in Virginia Beach, Bimini Rd. is a four-piece alternative rock band.

Q+A: Putting a fresh spin on folk with Narissa Bond

Norfolk's Narissa Bond is a "new folk" singer who moved to this area from Kansas City, Mo. She was asked to perform at a show for the National Organization for Women-Virginia Region. That was in May 2000, and by fall she was calling Hampton Roads her home.

Q + A: Exposing Norfolk metalheads Rust

Norfolk metal band Rust welcomes corrosion, since it only comes with exposure. The band formed in late 2004 when drummer Van Taylor and guitarist Evan Swenson began to jam. The duo then asked bass-player-turned-lead-guitarist Rich Clark to join, followed by bassist Barry Couch.

Q+ A with Norfolk freestyle rapper Spaz

ON STAGE HE'S KNOWN as Spaz, a local hip-hop artist. Off stage and online he's known as E. Scorp. Earl D. Drew, 27, of Norfolk is a man with many names. Where did they all come from? As for E. Scorp, "My name is Earl and I'm a Scorpion," Drew said. Drew carries a special meaning with him when he performs under the name Spaz.

Q+A: Beach foursome Truck rocks

THE VIRGINIA BEACH rock band Truck was formed when Pat Lonning (guitar/bass) and Joe "Whitebread" Graves (lead guitar) were in history class at First Colonial High School. Now in their mid-20s, they came up with the band name as a joke. Although the lineup has changed through the years, the name remains the same, according to drummer Eric Lonning, Pat's brother.

Q+A: Rockers Slackdog heads for the big music screen

VIRGINIA BEACH rock band Slackdog may be headed to the big screen - well, its music anyway. The band, which formed in November 2006, consists of Tom LeGrone on vocals and rhythm guitar, Cutler Robinson on lead guitar, Lindsay Krick on bass, Ricky Price on drums and George Farrington on keyboards.

Q+A: Love of music keeps Southern rockers Canyon Road together after 15 years

CANYON ROAD BAND started out 15 years ago with founding members Cecil Edwards Jr. and Ed Marks. Today, after several lineup and name changes, the Southern rock/country outfit from Franklin consists of Edwards, lead vocals/guitar; Marks, lead guitar/vocals; Marks' 16-year-old son, Edward, guitar; Ed Canada, drums; and bassist Mack Lassiter, the newest member.

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