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Q + A: Pop funk fusion jwonder of Norfolk releases politically-minded CD

Norfolk's jwonder considers its genre of music to be "original." "I hate categorizing ourselves," vocalist and guitarist Jo Nathan Dudley said. He and drummer Dave Samson started the band six years ago. Bassist and vocalist EJ Toudt joined a few years later.

Q&A with country gospel artists Taraleigh & Noteworthy

Suffolk's Taraleigh & Noteworthy is a traditional and country gospel quartet.

Taraleigh Casteen, who spoke to The Pilot, started the singing group with Mary Joyner and Denise Jones, members of her church at Bethlehem Christian, in 2004.

Before that, Casteen was singing with the group Living Proof.

Q&A with vocalist and guitarist Bill Mozingo

Bill Mozingo spends his time rockin’ as a solo artist, in a duo or with his band, but he also makes time for singing praises at the Wave Church in Virginia Beach.

Mozingo, 32, attended school in Virginia Beach in his early years, left the area in his teens and returned to attend college in the mid-1990s.

Q&A with Virginia Beach rock band Rendition

The Virginia Beach rock band Rendition puts its name into the covers it plays.
In addition to their original songs, “the covers are originally done, we change them around to make them our own,” said lead vocalist Julie Manna.

Q&A with Peninsula rock band Stone Grove

Stone Grove is a rock band out of Hampton/Newport News that’s hoping to win some studio time.

Drummer Steve Spivey along with guitarist Rolando Ladero formed the band and even played a show calling themselves, “In Need of a Bass Player and a Singer.”

Q&A with R&B, soul artist Zaki

R&B and soul artist Zaki sings, writes lyrics, plays keyboard and produces his homegrown sound.

Zaki H. Shabazz, 27, graduated from Churchland High School in Portsmouth and earned a degree in business management from Old Dominion University in Norfolk. As co-owner of EZ Key Management, he gets help from his mom and manager, Raheema T. Shabazz.

Q&A with party metal band Wild Guns

The Virginia Beach-based band Wild Guns  is out to  p-a-r-t-y .

Q&A With bluegrass band Code Blue

Virginia Beach’s Celebrity Gunfight will be going into a Bavon, Va., studio next month to record a professional EP. The post-punk rockers are Christian Atkins on lead vocals, Jason Buonviri on bass, Daniel Smith on guitar, Mike Greene on guitar and Chris Ginnetti on drums. Greene and Ginnetti share backing vocals. All attended Virginia Beach high schools.

Q&A with rockabilly band Two Tone Cadillac

Two-Tone Cadillac was formed by alert musicians.

After all, the rockabilly band got together through “musician watch” ads posted at Guitar Center and Alpha Music. Skip Frontz and John Roberts of Chesapeake and David Paul of Virginia Beach began rockin’ and rollin’ 3½ years ago.

Q&A with Norfolk heavy metal band Construkt

Norfolk heavy metal band Construkt  has given  fans reason to bang their heads since 1998. 

“Cheap therapy” is  how singer, lyricist and manager Jesse Shea   describes the band’s tenure over the past nine years. Shea started the band with guitarist James Suit  and two other friends when they attended Norview High School.

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