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Assateague Lighthouse, the beacon is back

In the early 1830s, heeding the requests of mariners both ancient and otherwise, Congress approved the building of a lighthouse on Assateague Island.
There is still a lighthouse there, and it's a popular tourist attraction, drawing many who want to climb its spiral staircase for a spectacular wind-whipped view of land, sea and air from 150 feet above the ground.

Judge rules in favor of Bonner Bridge construction

A federal judge Monday denied a motion to stop construction of a replacement for the aging Bonner Bridge, a project in the planning for more than 20 years.

Noland Trail, an urban oasis

IT WAS GREEN. It was hot. It was the perfect walk in the woods.
And it will always be that way on the Noland Trail, especially on crisp fall days when trees have put on their fancy clothes and turned all shades of autumn.
That’s just around the corner, so dust off the walking shoes.

Va. Beach aims to do away with Laskin feeder lanes

VIRGINIA BEACH Dangerous. Confusing. The feeder lanes that run parallel to Laskin Road have long challenged drivers' instincts. On each side of Laskin in the Hilltop area, adjacent feeder roads have two lanes, one running in each direction, confounding some. Committing money to remove them has been a major challenge since the idea was raised decades ago.

Va. tourism brought in $21.2 billion last year

RICHMOND Visitors to the state generated $21.2 billion in tourism revenue last year, an all-time high and a 4 percent increase from the previous year. Tourism is Virginia's third-largest industry. By the state's count, it supported 210,000 jobs in 2012.

Four Javan lizards born at Virginia Aquarium

VIRGINIA BEACH There are several baby additions to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center’s iguana collection. Four Javan Hump-Headed lizards were born Aug. 13, according to a news release from the aquarium.

Photos | Preparation under way for Oceanfront music festival
Williamsburg finds revolutionary way to interest kids

WILLIAMSBURG Black bandana encircling his head, Harrison Anesh took a breather with his family outside the Capitol building in Colonial Williamsburg. The bandana marked the 11-year-old from central New Jersey as a soldier in a mission other than sightseeing in a time far removed.

Va. event will mimic famous run with the bulls in Spain

You could get trampled, gored, rammed, elbowed or tossed during The Great Bull Run. That's the draw.

Dolphin deaths haven't hurt Virginia Beach tours

VIRGINIA BEACH Operators of dolphin-watching tours say it's unlikely their customers would notice the vast problem with which the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center's stranding response team has been grappling this summer. "Everything seems status quo," said Alexis Rabon, boat programs coordinator for the Virginia Aquarium. "It's been absolutely stellar."

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