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Cycling advocacy group plans rides, festival

Local bike enthusiasts will strap on helmets and pedal paths across Norfolk as they celebration National Bike Month in May.

Stomp 13.1 miles through the swamp for charity

The fifth annual Dismal Swamp Stomp Half-Marathon takes place Saturday at the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail in the Chesapeake's Deep Creek section.
The event is open to 2,500 runners; organizers said spaces are still available. Walkers and joggers are also eligible to participate in the 13.1-mile event on old Route 17.

Wary of Eastern spirituality, Christians try yoga with a twist

By Jorge Valencia Christians stand on mats at a church hall, stretching their arms to the heavens and bending to their toes. They lay their palms on the floor, the soles of their feet perfectly flat. Chants spill from a stereo.

He's 68 and sets the pull-up bar high

By Scott Mathews Correspondent If retired Navy Cmdr. Billy Moore ever challenges you to a pull-up competition, don't accept it. At 68, the Croatan resident participates in and routinely wins pull-up contests by beating military men a third his age. The challenge of most contests is to see how many pull-ups a contestant can complete within two minutes.

Climbers step up training for challenge

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Va. House to take up mandatory gym class bill

RICHMOND The debate over increasing the time students spend in gym class moved to the House of Delegates Wednesday. Sen. Ralph Northam wants children to start doing more jumping jacks and sprints in school to combat childhood obesity. His bill, SB966, would require schools to squeeze in 150 minutes of physical education a week. That’s about 30 minutes a day.

Local's 3,835-mile bike trek will help build homes

Jacob “Jake” Richardson has dipped his oars in the Lafayette River more than a few times as a member of Old Dominion University’s rowing club. In May, he’ll dip his rear bicycle tire in the Atlantic Ocean to mark the beginning of a cross-country journey.

Shape up in a home gym

Traditionally, the commitment to better health and fitness tops lists of New Year's resolutions across America. But for many, the long road to promises begins anew once those lists become confetti only weeks into January.
Mark and Lina Edwards of Smithfield manage to stay on track with the help of their home gym.

Zumba: 'A dance party with exercise in disguise' in Norfolk

NORFOLK In his blue technician's coat and safety glasses, Pierre Howard helps keep cars in motion by teaching auto mechanics at Norfolk Technical Center. And with a quick change into cherry drawstring pants, a black muscle shirt and a bandana, he also keeps teachers' bodies moving, leading co-workers twice a week in Zumba aerobics classes.

New Mount Trashmore playground opens today

For weeks, construction workers putting the finishing touches on Mount Trashmore's new Kids Cove Playground have had an audience of pint-sized fans. "We've seen a lot of children coming up to the fence and just kind of looking at the new playground," said Amy Woodson, the city's parks and recreation supervisor. Fortunately, their wait is almost over.

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