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Exercises for the freshly dumped

By MIRANDA JOINTE Associated Press (ASAP)
What's the difference between breaking up and being dumped?I'd wager it's about five or 10 pounds.Yes, it seems the proper poultice for a broken heart is good old Ben, faithful Jerry, and the reliable comfort of moo goo gai pan. Take it from me, a girl who has literally split her jeans (publicly, I might add), and later swum in the bagginess of once-snug clothes: Eating one's heart out has become acceptable for those nursing a shattered heart.But before you drown in self-pity and establish a first-name . . .

New diet pill could fatten up drug companies

By OTIS HARTAssociated Press (ASAP)
This summer's biggest blockbuster may have more to do with cellulite than celluloid. Alli, the proposed fat-blocking, over-the-counter diet pill, was approved by an FDA advisory panel on Monday, which could help millions of obese Americans to lose weight -- and fatten the pockets of its creators, GlaxoSmithKline. That means the drug (pronounced "ally") could hit shelves in the next few months if the FDA follows the panel's advice. The drug, which contains the fat-fighting orlistat, arrived in 1999 . . .

Is your workout doing the trick? For different fitness goals, there are different workouts

By JOHN MARSHALLAssociated Press (ASAP)
Tracy Byarlay sees it all the time: people trying to reach a certain fitness goal by taking the entirely wrong approach. As a personal trainer, Byarlay has seen people who are trying to lose weight doing exercises that will bulk them up, and others who are trying to build mass doing things that cause them to drop pounds. And the result is usually the same: they get frustrated with the lack of progress and end up quitting. See, working out is not always as easy as it seems. You need to have a plan . . .

His weight-loss landed him on Oprah, a setback put him on track

By Nancy YoungThe Virginian-Pilot
It was still dark when Rob Hughes arrived at Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach for a power walk the day after Christmas. It is this kind of regimen that landed a then-buff Hughes on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show in 2003 to tell how, from 365 pounds, he got down to 200 – then added 25 pounds of muscle. The goal, he said, was to inspire others. As 2006 opens, not everything has gone according to plan, but Hughes is still looking to inspire. At Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach, the walk began with his . . .

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