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Locals step into a sport that's viewed skeptically by some

And you thought you knew how to climb stairs. Sure, you may know enough to get yourself upstairs to bed every night, or to get to your desk in your second-story office. But if you want to go beyond practical stair climbing and move on to stair-climbing-as-sport, you're going to need some lessons in technique. That's where Trevor Folgering steps in - so to speak.

Firefighters step up for stair-climb race

Twenty-five flights of stairs. As much as 75 pounds of full firefighter "turnout gear," helmet to boots to air bottle. A stopwatch, and a resolution.

Shamrock's Op Smile Final Mile wins national award

By John Streit
According to Shamrock Marathon directors Jerry Frostick and Amy Frostick, their goal was never to have the biggest running event, but the best.
When it comes to their Operation Smile Final Mile, they can now stake their claim for the latter.

Fashioning handmade surfboards with high style

Walk along New York City's Greene Street and you just might run into Ken Trinder, toting a surfboard. The Norfolk resident has been driving his custom-made surfboards from his industrial Portsmouth work space to Manhattan's trendy SoHo neighborhood since December.

National Nurses Week: May 6 - May 12

It's their hands that soothe the frightened child who's been in an accident, alleviate the pain of those suffering from a lingering illness, bring healing and very practical hope to those fighting disease while offering comfort to our loved ones during their final days . they are the compassionate lifeline who touch both patient and family members during stressful, sometimes shattering times.

Study finds germs are faster than 5-second rule

By Kim Ode, Star Tribune Star Tribune (Minneapolis)


If your family has lived, or at least survived, by the 5-second rule, researchers at San Diego State University say you may be living on borrowed time.

You know the rule: If food falls to the floor and you grab it back within 5 seconds, you can still eat it. Without, you know, dying.

Galleries make fine setting for yoga at the Chrysler Museum

“Cobras,” “monkeys” and  “downward facing dogs”  have invaded the Chrysler Museum of Art.

They gather at 7:30 a.m. every Wednesday  to stretch and meditate among the sculptures, paintings, glass and antiquities.

Appropriate for beginning and advanced students, “Yoga for Art Lovers”  arrived at the Chrysler last month.

Snow adds fun for disc golfers in Va. Beach

By John Streit The biggest snow storm of the past 20 years couldn’t stop the area’s most hard-core disc golfers from gathering at Bayville Park on Jan. 30. Call them crazy, but as 9 inches of snow blanketed the region, perhaps those having the most fun in it were the participants of the 2010 Ice Bowl.

Yoga for Art lovers

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Pool Etiquette: The unspoken rules of lap swimming

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