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Time to roll out the rain barrels

Cathie Sykes' rain barrel depicting a great blue heron on the water at sunset looks as much a part of her landscaping as the colorful window boxes or the shrubbery in front of her home in Virginia Beach. In her backyard, a more whimsical and equally colorful rain barrel features characters from "Finding Nemo."

Wimbledon on the Bay

Jo-Ann and Chris Barreiro had looked at the house they wound up buying in Wimbledon on the Bay more than a year before they actually bought it. "We looked at it in the winter of 2011," said Jo-Ann Barreiro. "But I was reluctant to move."

Home inspections benefit both buyers and sellers

Depending on which side of the transaction you're on, your perspective of the inspection process may differ. I recommend home inspections for both sides, whether buyer or seller. Here's why.

Join the party for national night out

It's time for a party - the kind where we want the police to show up. "We want people to be out in their neighborhoods and enjoying themselves," said Officer Dave Ireland with the Norfolk Police Department. "But, we want them to invite the police to be there. Together, we can make a difference in our communities."

Plant. Do. Eat.


Gardening Q&A | Fruit trees need a lot of maintenance to produce good harvest

Fruit trees need maintenance to produce good harvest Q. I have had a peach tree in my backyard for several years. It produces peaches but they are hard, green and never seem to ripen. What can I do to get this tree to produce some good peaches? - Douglas Borel, Norfolk

Let your creative light shine

A couple of Sundays ago, I was on my way home from Anthropologie with a mismatched pair of their divine drawer pulls in tow - I had finally thought of a way to use them for a DIY Decor project - when I passed by a house that is being rehabbed in our neighborhood.

What do you do when your child bullies you?

There's a difference in parenting between a little backtalk and kids actually bullying their grown-ups.

Neighborhood spotlight: Virginia Beach's Saw Pen Point "a hidden secret"

VIRGINIA BEACH Marge Schechner designed the house she and her husband, Steve, built in Saw Pen Point in 1982. The couple lived in Stratford Chase in the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach, but they knew that wasn’t to be their final home. The five-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath home in Saw Pen Point, where they raised their four children, however, is their forever home.

Living shorelines help return waterfront land to its original state

When it comes to protecting the environment, Gary and Barbara Laws deserve a patriotic wave of the flag for returning their Lafayette River property in Norfolk to its natural state.

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