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Ringing in the New Year with debt?

By VIVIAN CHU Associated Press (ASAP)
NEW YORK (AP) _ Nicole Horton, a freelance graphic designer in New York, loves to shop and prides herself on keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, music and electronics. But she hates the sinking feeling she's been getting when she sees her monthly credit card statements.''My credit card debt is always in the back of my mind, and lately I've been thinking of it a lot because of Christmas,'' says Horton, 29, who said she spent roughly $2,000 on holiday gifts for friends and family. ''I used . . .

Oceanfront cashes in on year-end happenings

By jeremiah mcWilliamsThe Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH — Winter is not traditionally a season of good cheer for tourism-dependent outfits – restaurants, hotels and apparel shops – that dot the Oceanfront. With the summer heat gone, it can get a little lonely here. Waves scurry over a quiet beach, with the occasional runner or bundled family padding down the nearly abandoned Boardwalk.Yet the latest holidays brought a last, welcome boost to local businesses before tourism, travel and discretionary spending at the beach go into hibernation . . .

From comet to meteor, with Langley's help

By ALLISON CONNOLLYThe Virginian-Pilot
It is the first experiment to travel beyond Pluto and into deep space. Its mission: to collect dust from a comet passing 242 million miles from Earth. After logging nearly 3 billion miles during the past seven years, the spacecraft Stardust is preparing to send its cargo home in the early morning hours of Jan. 15. Recovering it won’t be easy. Hurtling toward Earth at more than 28,000 mph and at temperatures surpassing 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, the 101-pound sample capsule will be the hottest and . . .

The year in business for Hampton Roads

The Virginian-Pilot
For Hampton Roads, the biggest business story of 2005 was written in mortar, brick, glass and drywall. This was the year that the area’s residential and commercial development dominated local business. With summer heat came sizzling prices for housing – bungalows, mansions and just about everything in between – kicked higher by cheap money from low interest rates. The real estate bonanza brought windfalls for homeowners but frustration for buyers priced out of attractive neighborhoods.Here and . . .

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Hog market shines for Smithfield Foods in fiscal ’05

For Smithfield Foods Inc., hogs were pink gold in fiscal 2005.
Soaring prices of the livestock helped lift the meat giant to all-time high sales and net income for the year ended May 1, the company reported Friday.

Region's tallest building planned at Town Center

By Marisa TaylorThe Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH -– The developer of Town Center has cemented a deal to build the tallest building in Hampton Roads – a 30- to -32-story tower that will include a Westin Hotel and luxury condominiums. The Westin will be built at Columbus Street and Independence Boulevard, across from Dick’s Sporting Goods. It will be part of Town Center’s third phase, which also will include new offices, shops and restaurants. The 215-room hotel will be topped by 104 condos and is scheduled to open in spring . . .

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