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Va. Beach council looks to Pentagon as it revisits stance on offshore drilling

VIRGINIA BEACH If the numbers are to be believed, offshore oil drilling could bring 25,000 jobs to Hampton Roads and as much as $300 million to the state each year in royalties.

Colorful cow killers: Velvet ants common in Hampton Roads during summer

What's red and black and fuzzy all over? A velvet ant. But don't be fooled by its allure or name. It's actually a wasp, and the ladies pack a wallop of a sting. Two weeks ago, a velvet ant - or Dasymutilla occidentalis - was brought to the Virginia Cooperative Extension office in Suffolk for identification. The ensuing Facebook post and warning not to touch sparked a flurry of comments.

Whatever happened to ... the eagle rescued from its nest at the Norfolk Botanical Garden

Miraculously, the signals still come - blips on computer maps that show NX survives and is still phoning home.  No one has actually seen her - at least knowingly - since she was last released in May 2012, one of three young eagles who became wildlife stars after their mother was killed in a collision with a US Airways jet over Norfolk the year before.

As sand clogs Hatteras Inlet, residents, businesses scramble to find a solution

HATTERAS VILLAGE, N.C. Hatteras Inlet has become nearly impassable, threatening to block Coast Guard rescues and shut down the charter fishing season. Officials are scrambling to get emergency permits and funding to dredge it open again. "Our way in and out is filling in rapidly," said charter boat captain Dan Rooks. "It's very serious. In 10 days, we may be landlocked."

Bright blue seas at night off Sandbridge in Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH Greg Benson, a Washington, D.C., resident who spends much of his summers in a house in Sandbridge, was treated to a bright-blue water display Friday and Saturday. That might not seem surprising - had it not been completely dark outside. He said people all up and down the beach in Sandbridge marveled at the glowing blue ocean waves.

Swimming advisory issued for site in Nags Head

Nags Head, N.C. A swimming advisory has been issued for the Jockey’s Ridge sound-side access in Nags Head. Water tests showed levels of bacteria that exceed state water quality standards, according to a news release from the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Officials will continue testing the water and lift the advisory when bacteria return to safe levels.

DENR: Duke Energy can't promise to move more coal ash pits

RALEIGH, N.C. North Carolina's environmental officials moved Wednesday to stop an agreement that would commit Duke Energy to scooping out and moving coal ash from three more unlined and leaking pits.

Meteor shower tonight should be enhanced by clear weather

Fireworks will rain from the heavens. The Perseid meteor shower starts tonight and continues into Thursday morning, according to NASA. The celestial light show happens every August as the Earth passes through a cloud of debris left in the orbit of the Swift-Tuttle comet. The debris, which is mostly bits of ice and dust created hundreds of years ago, burns up in the Earth's atmosphere.

Bear attacks hiker at Virginia park; some trails closed

MILLBORO Several miles of trails at Douthat State Park have been closed after a bear attacked a hiker. The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries tells media outlets that the attack occurred around 6 a.m. Saturday near Tuscarora Overlook. A group of hikers ran after spotting the adult female bear on the trail. The bear attacked one hiker who became separated from the group.

In N.C., a sky full of happiness and purple martins

MANNS HARBOR, N.C. Daylight waned under cloudy skies as a few dozen purple martins circled over the William B. Umstead Bridge. Soon they were followed by more and more until the sky was thick with them. Cars coming over the bridge slowed to a crawl to avoid hitting birds. The chirping orchestra's calls carried across the Croatan Sound.

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