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Corrections from The Virginian-Pilot

The Kellam High School girls soccer team defeated Tallwood 9-0 last week, and Brittany Michels had six of those nine goals. An item in Tuesday's High Five in the sports section contained incorrect information.

Norfolk zoo's 'free hour' tradition will soon end

NORFOLK This summer, the Virginia Zoo will end a 30-year tradition of free admission one hour before closing on Sundays and Mondays. Instead, Norfolk's low-income families will get a free pass to visit for a day once a year. "One hour is not enough time to see the zoo anymore," Greg Bockheim, zoo director, told the City Council on Tuesday.

Roads forum winds along, inevitably, to tax talk

CHESAPEAKE As a new resident of Hickory, Leigh Ann Woisard wondered Tuesday why it has taken so long for Virginia to address its transportation problems. Many of the roads her fellow employees at Cox Communications use are congested, she said. Time that should be spent in productive work is often lost sitting in traffic jams, she said.

Chesapeake minister is a man on a mission

CHESAPEAKE It's another day, and the Rev. Donald Spitz is protesting alone outside the Hillcrest Clinic in Norfolk, just as he has for years. Spitz pickets there a few days a week. Then he goes home to Chesapeake, and he continues his protests online. There, he's not alone.

Princess Anne teacher keeps tabs with extra eyeballs

BIG BROTHER ISN'T WATCHING the computer screens at Princess Anne High School. But teacher John Harrison is. Harrison has been using a program called SynchronEyes this year to watch every monitor in his classroom from his desk.

Man charged with selling license plates to illegal immigrants

NORFOLK A Guatemalan national made it easy for illegal immigrants on the Eastern Shore to drive, according to the FBI. The FBI arrested Felipe Jesus Mazariegos-Perez at his home Tuesday on federal charges of buying hundreds of Tennessee and Mississippi license plates and car titles and selling them to immigrants who cannot prove their residency, as Virginia requires.

As damage claims mount in Suffolk, mobile units to aid agents

SUFFOLK One of Mike Sandidge's clients brought along photos Tuesday to document his insurance claim. They showed a gutted brick home with its second floor gone. Two vehicles nearby, a Ford pickup and a Jaguar, were buried in debris, said Sandidge, a Suffolk insurance agent.

Ethanol-project firms contribute to Chesapeake campaigns

CHESAPEAKE    Three Chesapeake City Council candidates received campaign donations from businesses connected to the proposed $400 million ethanol plant that was rejected last year.

Mailers on tax votes add vitriol to Chesapeake race

CHESAPEAKE The mailer, paid for by Chesapeake Councilman Alan Krasnoff, jabs his competitor in the mayoral race, Councilwoman Rebecca Adams: "He tried to help," it reads. "She voted no."

Beach council asked to find way to save consumer protection program

VIRGINIA BEACH Now, it's up to them. The City Council heard a plea Tuesday from the city's chief prosecutor to restore funding to the Consumer Affairs Program, which would be shuttered under the budget proposed by the city manager.

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