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Civil rights artifacts on display in Portsmouth

By Nicole MorganThe Virginian-Pilot
PORTSMOUTH — They’re the first images you see when you walk through the gallery doors: A sign reads that the white ceramic water fountain about the size of a salad bowl is for “colored people.” The tall, silver-toned fountain is for whites.The fountains are tangible reminders of an era not even 50 years ago, said Lauranett Lee , curator of African American history at the Virginia Historical Society . They’re part of an exhibit titled “The Civil Rights Movement in Virginia ,” which opens at the . . .

His story about saving lives no less dramatic off-screen

By PHILIP WALZERThe Virginian-Pilot
NORFOLK — The militia officer, ringed by his henchmen, gave Paul Rusesabagina his pistol – and an order. “Kill all of the cockroaches in your house.”Rusesabagina was sheltering 32 people, including his wife and four children, during the early stages of the Hutu massacre of minority Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994 .The hotel manager smooth-talked the men out of violence in one of many heart-stopping scenes in the movie “Hotel Rwanda.” It lasted no more than two minutes in the movie, Rusesabagina . . .

Blackwater looks beyond Camden for expansion

By JEFFREY S. HAMPTONThe Virginian-Pilot
Blackwater USA has plans to build firing ranges, classrooms and a bunkhouse in Currituck County, the first time the security company has expanded its facilities outside of Camden County. Blackwater calls Moyock home but has built all of its firing ranges and buildings in neighboring Camden County since the company first began operating in 1997. At the time, Currituck commissioners didn’t approve firing ranges near its most populated community. In 2004, Currituck County amended it ordinances . . .

Jury awards $312,815 to dad of girl killed in crash

By John HopkinsThe Virginian-Pilot
CHESAPEAKE — A jury has awarded $312,815 to the father of a 12-year-old girl killed two years ago in a car crash on the Chesapeake Expressway. After a two-day trial this week in Chesapeake Circuit Court, the jury found against Jacqueline L. Riser for the May 2, 2004, collision. The crash on the Va. 168 bypass left a 22-year-old Chesapeake woman and the 12-year-old girl dead and sent six other people to hospitals.Billie N. Keen Jr., the father of Brittney Nicole Keen, was awarded $12,815 . . .

Familly of woman who died getting teeth pulled sues dentist

By Jon FrankThe Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH — The family of a 22-year-old woman with a rare genetic disorder who died while having four teeth pulled has filed a lawsuit against a Virginia Beach dentist. The $3 million lawsuit was filed in Circuit Court after the state Board of Dentistry found that the dentist had committed professional violations and placed him on indefinite probation. The lawsuit says the dentist, Dr. Jesse W. Lee, was negligent while working on the patient, Ashley E. Adams, in his office March . . .

Breaking news test 1 - breaking rank of 2

The Virginian-Pilot

Breaking news test 2 - breaking rank of 1

The Virginian-Pilot

Breaking news test 3 - breaking rank of 2

The Virginian-Pilot

Robertson apologizes to Sharon's family for stroke comment

By steven g. vegh The Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH — After nearly a week of rebukes by Israeli officials, evangelical leaders and mainstream media, Pat Robertson has apologized for publicly implying that Israel’s prime minister, Ariel Sharon, suffered a stroke as divine retribution for giving land to Palestinians.Robertson sent the apology to Sharon’s son O mri in a letter dated Wednesday that was to be delivered to the Jerusalem hospital where Sharon is being treated.“I ask your forgiveness and the forgiveness of the people . . .

Israel cuts Robertson from Galilee tourist park

By Steven G. VeghThe Virginian-Pilot
Angered by Pat Robertson’s suggestion that God punished Prime Minister Ariel Sharon with a stroke, Israel has booted the religious broadcaster from a group of American evangelicals it is working with to establish a Christian tourism center in Galilee. “The minister of tourism has decided that the center will go ahead, the project will go ahead, but it will go ahead with other parties and not Mr. Robertson,” Jonathan Pulik , a tourism ministry spokesman, said Wednesday from Jerusalem in a telephone . . .

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