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S.C. town still suffers a year after train derailment

By Denise Watson BattsThe Virginian-Pilot
GRANITEVILLE, S.C. — Charles and Brenda Reyes pulled into their driveway Tuesday afternoon, stood up, stretched their limbs after the seven-hour drive from their daughter’s home in Hampton . Then they felt it. It was in Charles Reyes’ throat, a little itch in the back, laboring his breathing as he walked toward the house. An invisible vise slips around him whenever he returns home, and often when he speaks, his voice modulates from a throaty chuckle to a child’s whisper.When a Norfolk Southern . . .

Parents of victim hope Deep Creek community will begin to heal

By CINDY CLAYTON The Virginian-Pilot
Four days after their son was killed while doing missionary work in Chesapeake, Mark and Kathy Young said they hope the Deep Creek community where he died will begin to heal. Morgan W. Young, 21, was fatally wounded Monday by a gunman as he went door to door on Elkhart Street with another Mormon missionary sharing his faith. Joshua Heidbrink, 19, was wounded but is home recovering in Greeley, Colo. “This is not a hate crime, this is not a religious crime, this is just a very unfortunate . . .

Woman sues hotel over smoking spat

By JOHN HOPKINSThe Virginian-Pilot
CHESAPEAKE — Karen B. Nelligan, a visitor here last year, wanted a nonsmoking room in a smoke-free area of an extended-stay Greenbrier hotel. What the Rhode Island woman said she got, however, was a smoke-induced headache, sickness and hostility from a hotel employee who got her fired. In the end, three police officers came to instruct Nelligan to vacate the hotel because her constant complaints were creating a nuisance, according to a lawsuit filed recently in Chesapeake Circuit Court. . . .

Evangelical group negotiating to build biblical park in Israel

By Steven G. VeghThe Virginian-Pilot
A patch of Galilee where Jesus Christ ministered to multitudes is under consideration by Israel for a biblical “heritage center” that may be built in partnership with Pat Robertson and other American evangelicals. According to The Jerusalem Post, the Israeli tourism department said an evangelical consortium led by Robertson, whose Christian Broadcasting Network is based in Virginia Beach, is negotiating a deal for the project. Various reports predicted that an agreement could be reached within . . .

Robertson implies God cursed Sharon after land transfer

By steven g. vegh The Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH — Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson suggested Thursday that God afflicted Ariel Sharon with a stroke this week in response to the Israeli prime minister’s transfer of land to Palestinians. “God has enmity against those who 'divide my land,’” Robertson said during “The 700 Club” television show produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach.Sharon, who initiated the return of Gaza to Palestinians, “was dividing God’s land, and I would say woe unto any prime minister . . .

Portsmouth man killed during tire mishap

By JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE The Virginian-Pilot
PORTSMOUTH — A city man was killed Thursday after trying to replace a tractor-trailer tire. The tire apparently ruptured so violently, blasting air toward him so hard that colleagues said three layers of clothes were blown off of his chest.Police identified the man as Andrew S. Staten , 48, of the 100 block of Wilson Pkwy . Staten worked changing tires at Bob Ewell Tire Service in the 700 block of Constitution Ave.He was working there Thursday afternoon, just outside the fifth of 10 . . .

Church worker, community adopted each other

By janie bryantThe Virginian-Pilot
PORTSMOUTH — In the 1960s, Ruth Mayhall came to the city as a Methodist urban missionary, planting her heart in the old Southside community of Newtown.The neighborhood near the shipyard was home to more than 5,000 people then, including some of the city’s neediest. There, in the years between white flight and demolition, Mayhall found respect among families who struggled to hold together a community. On Thursday, some of them were among those gathered at a Portsmouth church to celebrate her . . .

Norfolk police round up 57 wanted people over the holidays

The Virginian-Pilot
NORFOLK – While wanted people were nestled snug in their beds, city police were fanning out with arrest warrants in the days after Christmas.City police nabbed 57 people charged in outstanding warrants between Dec. 27-30 in what they dubbed “Operation Home for the Holidays.”The effort sent officers to knock on doors in Olde Huntersville, Park Place and Norfolk Rehabilitation and Housing Authority communities in the city’s First Precinct, which covers the city’s southern half.The days after Christmas . . .

Church officials say attacks are rare but danger still remains

Leaders in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are quick to point out how safe members are when they are called to go on mission. Death by violence , accident or illness is quite rare, they say. The shootings of missionaries Morgan W. Young, 21, and Joshua D. Heidbrink, 19, Monday night in the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake w ere unusual, they say.Since 1999, four Latter-day Saints missionaries ha ve been slain worldwide, including Young, according to newspaper and archive . . .

Restaurants to drop suit over lights at Oceanfront

By JON FRANK The Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH — Extra-bright security lights at the Oceanfront will stay on after attorneys said they will withdraw a lawsuit challenging the lights’ legality. In July, Circuit Judge William R. O’Brien refused to issue a temporary injunction against the lights. Thursday’s action means his ruling stands and there will be no trial for a permanent injunction. Kevin Martingayle, a Virginia Beach attorney who filed the lawsuit on behalf of several Oceanfront businesses, gave notice Wednesday . . .

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