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Promising proposal for port's future

THE DETAILS haven't been released, but the announcement this week of an agreement between state officials and owners of the Virginia International Gateway terminal appears worth celebrating.

Portsmouth leaders owe city an apology

A MAYOR and a councilman who condescend to residents. Council members who berate and belittle each other from the dais. Residents who hurl insults from the podium.

Casino should be tribe's decision

TWO intertwined issues accompany any campaign for recognition by an Indian tribe in Virginia. The first is the commonwealth's distinct history of state-sponsored racism against people of color, a campaign that did everything bureaucratically possible to erase Native Americans from the roster of Virginians.

Fleeting victory on district boundaries

THE SPLIT DECISION last week upholding the constitutionality of certain Virginia House of Delegates districts is hardly confirmation of good government in action.

UNC pick undermines confidence

North Carolina showed the nation last week how not to choose a leader for its acclaimed public university system, one of the oldest and most prestigious in the country.

How many light rail referendums are needed?

At a public hearing last week on a light-rail budget issue, Virginia Beach residents said: "I don't have enough information to make an opinion." "There's just not a lot of information out there." "We need information to make responsible decisions."

Clear choices for the House

IN A REPRISE of the 2013 election, Republican Del. Ron Villanueva faces a challenge from Democrat Susan Hippen to represent the House of Delegates' 21st District.

Protect those who report wrongdoing

ANYONE who has spent any time in the U.S. military has seen someone, someplace, do something to skirt the rules. Occasionally, they witness wrongdoing - a serious violation. Military brass say they expect violations to be reported, and the person reporting them protected from retaliation. Apparently, that's not how it really works.

Say no to casinos in Virginia

PROPONENTS of casino gambling in Hampton Roads frequently point to it as a way to draw visitors, bolster business at local restaurants and hotels and help diversify the region’s economy.

Leadership and cowardice in Congress

IT IS shameful commentary on Washington politics that a reasonable proposal to stop automatic budget cuts from continuing to hurt the U.S. economy has little chance of seeing serious debate.

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