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Warmer water threatens the bay

AT A CERTAIN age, past winters look harder than modern ones. The air was colder; snow fell deeper; the Chesapeake Bay froze more frequently. As it turns out, that perception isn't the result of our minds revising history. Global warming has raised air temperatures, if only slightly so far. And the Bay is warmer than it used to be, by a considerable amount.

High, hidden costs at the Midtown

That state officials got taken to the cleaners in the deal to add a tube to the Midtown Tunnel is very old news around here. As a reminder, the tale of regional woe goes like this: Then-Gov. Bob McDonnell and then-Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton were desperate to build roads.

On right path for bicycles

Piece by piece, Hampton Roads' cities are building recreational trails that connect neighborhoods and increase opportunities for safe commutes and exercise.

Lynwood Lewis for Virginia Senate

VOTERS IN the Senate's 6th District, which includes part of Norfolk and the Eastern Shore, have an able and pragmatic senator in Democrat Lynwood Lewis. They should re-elect him over Republican challenger Richard Ottinger.

Belote in 8th District

CATEGORY: Candidates for Virginia Senate Answer: Dave Belote Question: Who is the best candidate in District 8? Belote, a retired Air Force colonel and five-time Jeopardy winner, is seeking the seat Sen. Jeff McWaters is vacating: a district that stretches from Virginia Beach's North End to Pungo and Sandbridge.

Miller in 1st district

EVEN IF Republicans had a strong candidate, Democratic state Sen. John Miller has earned re-election in the 1st District in light of his leadership on public education and the environment, and for his long history of bipartisan effort, including on redistricting reform.

Mcauliffe seeks to enforce gun laws

GOV. TERRY McAuliffe's executive order this week signifies a small but meaningful effort to promote public safety and responsible gun ownership. As it stands, Virginia's gun laws are hardly restrictive; Texas, for example, maintains considerably higher standards for residents to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon than our commonwealth does.

White House failures in Middle East

President Barack Obama's foreign policy in the Middle East has been a consistent catalog of diplomatic and military blunders. It keeps getting worse.

Invest in port, future

THE PORT OF Virginia is one of the region's biggest economic engines, supporting 375,000 jobs and generating an annual impact of $60 billion. It is the third-busiest port on the East Coast behind Savannah, Ga., and New York and is poised to leverage its deep drafts and rail connection to the Midwest for continued growth. Trouble is, it's running out of space.

With spill, Omega loses more than fish

TENS OF thousands of dead menhaden washed up on Eastern Shore beaches last weekend, the result of a net torn during harvesting by Omega Protein Corp., the company that controls Virginia's menhaden business. The spill is bad news for the Chesapeake Bay, for beachgoers and for Omega, which until then was having a good year.

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