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Register to vote; make a difference

Virginians planning to exercise their right to elect representatives in state government on Nov. 3 need to be registered to vote. And today's the deadline.

Wait for big picture on Beach growth

In the next three months, Virginia Beach will see the results of three planning studies and analyses to guide development decisions: Old Dominion University is finishing research on whether the long-debated Southeastern Parkway is necessary. The city has nearly completed analyzing the costs and benefits of various road projects.

Frank Wagner for Virginia Senate

THE BATTLE for the state Senate seat representing the 7th District, which includes parts of Virginia Beach and Norfolk, is among the most hotly contested in Virginia this year.

Dubious selection process

THE NORFOLK SCHOOL Board wrapped up its needlessly secretive process of hiring a superintendent this week in appropriate fashion: With the announcement that a majority had voted to lure a Massachusetts superintendent mired in controversy back to Norfolk, from where she departed six years ago amid a testing scandal.

Sobering news on the region's economy

THE STATE of the region's economy isn't great. The region's job market, in particular, remains poor. Old Dominion University economist James V. Koch may not have put it precisely that way in his annual report, but it's hard to conclude otherwise after reading this year's version.

A duty to Virginia's students

VIRGINIA'S public schools rank among the best in the nation, and overall spending on K-12 education in the commonwealth is on par with the national average. But those overall spending figures obscure details that illustrate the subtle damage done, and the threat posed, to Virginia's public education system by lawmakers who've failed to fulfill their constitutional duty.

Opposing Medicaid without good reason

REPUBLICAN state lawmakers' refusal to accept billions in Virginians' federal taxes to subsidize insurance for some 400,000 uninsured people has repeatedly been exposed as the partisan political ploy that it is.

As water retreats, prepare for next storm

The flooding of the past week could've been much worse. Scientists say it will be. From the Oceanfront to Ocean View, from Olde Towne Portsmouth to Main Street in Suffolk, a combination of higher-than-usual fall tides and strong northeasterly winds drove huge amounts of water into the region's low places.

Fixing juvenile justice

YOUTH PRISONS are supposed to be for the very worst kids - the ones who pose a danger to society. But in Virginia, 21 percent of the teens sent to youth prison last year were there primarily for larceny. Another 10 percent were there on a misdemeanor. Sadly, the rehabilitation prospects for those teens aren't great.

Light-rail politics and priorities

PICK SOMEBODY to blame for the bargain light-rail cars that weren't. Blame Virginia Beach administrators for not making clearer during their City Council briefing the potential pitfalls of piggybacking on an order by Minneapolis. Blame members of the council for not asking, before the vote, how hard and expensive it would be to adapt those trains to Hampton Roads.

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