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Paul Fraim: Mayor of the moment

NORFOLK MAYOR Paul Fraim's surprise decision not to seek re-election offers residents a chance to reflect on how far the city has come under his two decades of leadership, and the challenges that remain. The work completed is staggering; despite the progress, the work ahead remains daunting.

New maps for voting districts are on the way

IF YOU'RE reading this, there's a decent chance that next November you'll vote in a congressional district different from the one you're in now. That's because Virginia lawmakers drew boundaries for the 3rd congressional district in a way that was so absurd and so blatantly unconstitutional that federal judges struck it down and ordered it redrawn.

Needless secrecy on ABC report

THE ADMINISTRATIVE investigation into state Alcoholic Beverage Control agents' arrest of a University of Virginia student, whose bloodied face was captured in images that attracted national attention earlier this year, was finally released last week.

Postpone Prieto's execution

THE U.S. SUPREME Court is the last chance for a man with diminished mental capacity who is scheduled to die Thursday. Alfredo Prieto, 49, is not a sympathetic figure. He killed a Virginia college student and her boyfriend in 1988, then raped and killed a 15-year-old in California two years later. He should never, ever be released from prison.

Sea life dying from human failures

The planet's oceans are in big trouble. According to a study this month by the World Wildlife Fund and the Zoological Society of London, half of the ocean's vertebrate population has disappeared in just four decades.

Finding success at NSU

Norfolk State University will find out later this year whether the work of administrators, led by interim President Eddie Moore, has adequately addressed concerns that led its accrediting agency to put the university on probation.

Shaping downtown Norfolk's future

THE FRAMEWORK for revitalizing Norfolk's St. Paul's Quadrant - and reimagining the concentrated and aging public housing on much of the property - remains a good one. The plan envisions the wholesale redevelopment of the east side of Norfolk's downtown, complete with new public housing interspersed with places for downtown workers to live, as well as their bosses.

Surviving weekend weather trifecta

IF FORECASTERS have it right, the region should see water rising and falling over the next few days. Oh, and moving sideways. The National Weather Service says Hampton Roads could see more than 2 inches of rain fall Saturday and Sunday as a giant low pressure system crashes the weekend. (The Neptune Festival moved or canceled all manner of events because of the impending weather.)

Marines ban on women would go too far

THE INCOMING chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a Marine general, wants women excluded from certain infantry and reconnaissance jobs, a recommendation that runs counter to the conclusions of the Army, Navy, Air Force and U.S. Special Operations Command.

Portsmouth officials' abuse of public trust

First, the good news: Portsmouth's administrative ranks have become so depleted, with at least 11 high-level managers and directors recently quitting, retiring abruptly or being fired, that the city is saving payroll expenses. The bad news: Portsmouth is sending $250,000 from its municipal budget to repay the state for a grant that wasn't used as required.

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