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Carmaker's credibility stalls out

THE INABILITY to discern the difference between necessary and unnecessary regulation has rendered too many political debates into a partisan higgledy-piggledy that allows for only extreme answers. That's especially true of environmental regulation, which some conservatives in the U.S. have argued hobbles innovation, enables crony capitalism and signifies government overreach.

Disturbing propensity for secrecy

Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Co. have repeatedly understated the legal authority that administration officials possess to fulfill the spirit and the letter of Virginia's open-records laws. Unfortunately, even the Supreme Court of Virginia appears to be following that lead.

Stemming the tide of drug abuse

A year ago, with heroin arrests rising in Virginia, the number of deaths nationally from overdoses more than quadrupling in 10 years, and prescription drug abuse increasingly leading to heroin addiction, the governor assembled experts to devise a strategy.

Reasons Region should work as one

WHEN SUFFOLK wins a new business, Virginia Beach benefits. And vice versa. That premise underlies the principle of regional cooperation, on economic development or anything else. All the leaders of all the cities of Hampton Roads pledge at least notional allegiance to that cause. Their practice, however, is a different matter.

Arts village draws in creativity

OLD DOMINION University has been bustling lately with construction in almost all sectors of the school. This week, the college's community paused to dedicate its new arts village. The complex was built and named for some of the region's most prominent business families, and organizers hope it will provide a new core for the arts in Hampton Roads.

Another eye on predatory lenders

ATTORNEY GENERAL Mark Herring is reorganizing his office's Consumer Protection division to bolster its focus on predatory lending. The move, long overdue and desperately needed, is part of a broader effort to protect Virginians from usurious businesses flourishing across the commonwealth with state lawmakers' support.

Round 2 in fight over state justice

GOV. TERRY MCAULIFFE doubled down on his selection of Jane Marum Roush for a temporary seat on the Supreme Court of Virginia, setting up a showdown with Republican lawmakers who've made clear they have no intention of electing her to a 12-year term.

Returning rationality to abortion regulation

The effort to unwind politically motivated and medically unnecessary regulations targeting Virginia’s 18 abortion clinics is far from over, but the Board of Health is set to take a meaningful step in the right direction when it considers a revised set of rules.

Another Beach probe in social services

A Virginia Beach Developmental Services employee responsible for managing bank accounts and paying bills for seven intellectually disabled residents misappropriated $50,000 over a five-year period, according to a city audit and report to the City Council last week.

More reasons to fix FOIA

Public officials' refusal to release the investigative report into the state liquor control agents who bloodied a University of Virginia student in March stands as one of the more blatant examples of government's failure to level with the people about its actions. But it's hardly the only one.

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