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Keep contest fair for cable franchises

The Virginian-Pilot
Few words get Americans as worked up as “monopoly.” And few things prompt as much consumer grousing as cable TV.So when it comes to taking sides in the clash of the titans between Cox Communications and Verizon for the privilege of bringing 200 channels to your living room, Verizon would appear to be wearing the white hat. Appearances, however, can be deceiving. When the General Assembly begins meeting this month, Verizon will ask lawmakers to give it an exemption to the state’s cable franchising . . .

Use sense, not science for Shore Drive speeds

The Virginian-Pilot
In the dispute over Shore Drive’s speed limits, here’s something Virginia Beach shouldn’t overlook: It’s better to turn Shore Drive into a speed trap than let it stay a death trap. Now, the highway to the Oceanfront that seems to sprout new condos, restaurants and bars weekly, is more the latter than the former. Five pedestrians have been killed this year either trying to cross Shore Drive or jogging along its shoulder. And it’s the scene of so many car crashes that a grim sign near the Chesapeake . . .

Do the math: Gas tax is cheaper

The Virginian-Pilot
Hustlers and unscrupulous politicians may try to convince you otherwise, but you can’t get something for nothing.If Virginia is going to build and maintain a transportation system capable of sustaining jobs and commerce in the 21st century, one way or another, you’ll pay. You’ll also benefit, through a healthier economy and fewer hours stuck in traffic.As the transportation debate gets under way in the 2006 General Assembly, a growing number of politicians are promoting tolls as the answer to ease . . .

Headlines that would make 2006 memorable

The Virginian-Pilot
Fraim pledges end to slaughter at Virginia ZooStudy: Jet noise causes weight lossDairy Queen awarded Beach school lunch contract; Blizzards served with every mealGeneral Assembly OKs inexpensive, innovative mass transit, adds sidewalks to I-264GSA, Wright finalize deal on U.S. courthouse site: Bay Oaks ParkZookeepers save fish from drowningPortsmouth School Board hires Gary Waters as mediator, driverLockout: Admirals relocate to MacArthur ice rinkFBI digs into prairie dog colony in hunt for PETA . . .

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