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The crisis in state's empty classrooms

FINDING GOOD teachers is never easy. But years of stagnant wages and job insecurity have made it harder than ever to retain and attract talented educators. As The Pilot's Mike Connors reported Monday, summer break this year winds down with a raft of area and state public classrooms without permanent teachers. School opens just after the Labor Day weekend.

Who is looking out for consumers?

IT'S A SKEPTICAL, even cynical, time. Surveys show we now mistrust institutions at almost every level of society.

The political mess Richmond has made

NEARLY A WEEK after the legislative debacle in Richmond, it still isn't clear whether the 2015 special legislative session is over. Democrats maintain it ended Monday afternoon when all 19 Democratic senators, one retiring Republican and Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam voted to adjourn.

ODU takes aim at region's challenges

The new fall term opens today at Old Dominion University, a few days after the school celebrated its 85th anniversary. The university, founded as a branch of William & Mary, now enrolls 25,000 students and generates about $2 billion in economic activity - headlines delivered by the school's president, John Broderick, during his annual State of the University speech this week.

The limits of a free health care marketplace

The complexity of the U.S. health care system is rooted in the conflict between the ideas of medicine as a public good and as a business based on free market principles.

Virginia Beach makes wise investment in its past

A CRITICAL SITE along the North Landing River in Pungo will become a city waterfront park, a smart purchase that prevents retail and commercial development in part of an environmentally sensitive region Virginia Beach is trying to protect.

Repeated bungling in Richmond

Republicans’ lack of seriousness about redrawing congressional districts that serve the public’s interest, rather than their own party’s, was evident from the start of Monday’s special legislative session.

Past time to close Gitmo

AMERICA'S terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay should never have opened. The sole purpose of the detention center was to keep suspected terrorists technically off American soil and deny them the legal rights every defendant gets in the U.S. penal system and the human rights to which every prisoner of war is entitled.

Virginia's (un)fair share of college

STUDENTS ENROLLING at Virginia's colleges and universities this fall will pay 6 percent more, on average, in tuition and fees than last year. The state, too, will pay more for higher education this year. But that contribution falls far short of the rate - 67 percent - set by official policy as the state's share of the cost for educating a Virginia student.

Beach leaders need to reverse vote, oppose drilling

Virginia Beach's elected leaders have an opportunity to undo a major mistake before it does damage to the city's economy and quality of life. Early in 2010, the Virginia Beach City Council, at the behest of favorite son and Gov. Bob McDonnell, endorsed drilling for oil and gas in the Atlantic Ocean off Virginia.

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