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Twenty years later, the idea of men wearing kilts doesn't go as planned

Should've seen this coming. Twenty years ago, when I was the less talented half of The Pilot's He Said/She Said team of Sunday columnists, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece calling on American men to wear kilts. I know. What was I thinking? At the time, I was in the thrall of a dashing, young Liam Neeson who wore a tartan in the forgettable film, "Rob Roy."

Say no to casinos in Virginia

PROPONENTS of casino gambling in Hampton Roads frequently point to it as a way to draw visitors, bolster business at local restaurants and hotels and help diversify the region’s economy.

Leadership and cowardice in Congress

IT IS shameful commentary on Washington politics that a reasonable proposal to stop automatic budget cuts from continuing to hurt the U.S. economy has little chance of seeing serious debate.

Webb says he's "not going away," but it's not clear where he goes from here

I WONDER what Jim Webb really wants. A spot in a new White House administration? To be a spoiler against the eventual Democratic presidential nominee? Maybe become an oracle on foreign policy and criminal justice?

Rubin: Jeb Bush's big chance to knock out Donald Trump

You cannot go wrong betting against conventional wisdom in this election. Right now, conventional wisdom has it that Donald Trump, in championing the far-left-wing propaganda that President George W. Bush left us vulnerable to 9/11, has pulled off some masterstroke. Jeb Bush on defense! Jeb Bush re-litigating 9/11! But I’m not so sure about that.

Warmer water threatens the bay

AT A CERTAIN age, past winters look harder than modern ones. The air was colder; snow fell deeper; the Chesapeake Bay froze more frequently. As it turns out, that perception isn't the result of our minds revising history. Global warming has raised air temperatures, if only slightly so far. And the Bay is warmer than it used to be, by a considerable amount.

As Virginia Beach's school lunch debt grows, it's time to end kids' gravy train

Lemme ask you something. Would you hand your 14-year-old daughter a limitless credit card and drop her off at the mall? Of course not.

High, hidden costs at the Midtown

That state officials got taken to the cleaners in the deal to add a tube to the Midtown Tunnel is very old news around here. As a reminder, the tale of regional woe goes like this: Then-Gov. Bob McDonnell and then-Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton were desperate to build roads.

Even with hoops giant's help, NSU has it tough in sports fundraising

Up close, Artis Gilmore - all 7-foot-2 of him, with a massive chest even years into retirement - seems as imposing as the magnificent Colossus of Rhodes. Norfolk State University's quest to raise money for its athletics program, now that a new state law has hacked a source of funding, could be as monumental.

On right path for bicycles

Piece by piece, Hampton Roads' cities are building recreational trails that connect neighborhoods and increase opportunities for safe commutes and exercise.

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