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Inappropriate is appropriate in Redskins' universe

AIRBOUND: It's not out of the ordinary for Kirk Cousins to have his own radio show in the D.C. market. Many starting quarterbacks have radio gigs. What's weird - though probably not so bizarre in the alternate NFL universe the Redskins call home - is that Cousins already had a show while backing up Robert Griffin III. Seemed like an inappropriate thing at the time, but now look.

Latest chaos helps Redskins inadvertently run a misdirection play

MORE STATIC: As if the Redskins hadn't already provided a masterclass in dysfunctional behavior, along comes the wife of the general manager to further embarrass the organization with her disparaging, vulgar tweet to an ESPN reporter. Say this, however, for Dan Snyder's clown posse - they've effectively distracted a lot of people from the controversy over the team's nickname.

Maintaining net neutrality with this proposal: Helmets for fans

DEBATABLE: I don't know what to think about the calls - often from big-league players - for protective netting down the first- and third-base lines. Is MLB leaving its fans at too great a risk from laser-like foul balls, inviting serious injury or worse? Or are people overreacting to rare, but publicized incidents? Would extending the netting detract from the fan experience?

Does common sense atrophy when a trophy is so vexing?

Bauble buster: Steelers linebacker and child-raising expert James Harrison picked up a lot of conservative support this week for revealing that he made his sons, ages 6 and 8, return participation trophies. They'll get to keep their trophies, he said, when they darn-well earn 'em - by winning a championship.

There's a punch line somewhere in Bills' latest transaction

FUN WITH WORDS: I suppose sports fans who are paying attention to current events arrived at the unmistakable and mischievous conclusion that the Buffalo Bills' move to pick up linebacker IK Enemkpali after his release from the New York Jets for punching quarterback Geno Smith is a "jaw-dropping" decision.

Some static over ESPN coverage of Little League

PROGRAMMED TO OVERKILL: Because nothing succeeds like excess, ESPN is showing 135 Little League World Series games this month. There's no use ranting about the harm young players could suffer from exposure to an expanding audience armed with Twitter accounts and an adolescent's sense of what's appropriate.

Hard to believe RGIII when he says he won't be out of pocket

UNCONVINCING: Gotta love it when Robert Griffin III shows up at the first news conference of Redskins training camp and assures everyone that he'll run the offense Jay Gruden rolls out for him. What a novel concept - doing what the coach asks. Not that anybody actually believes that Griffin is completely on board with Gruden's concept of him as a pocket passer. Let the fun begin anew.  

Give 'em credit: Angels didn't bobble it when honoring Trout

Next big thing: Kudos to the Los Angeles Angels for contributing a new - and amusing - twist on hometown idolatry by building of a life-size Mike Trout bobblehead doll outside their stadium. That's so much cooler than the graven bronze or stone images of athletes we're used to seeing.

Coaching is a breeze? That's hot air in D.C.

Coach visor: At 70, South Carolina's Steve Spurrier sounds like he'll try to coach forever.

Franchise four choices aren't as easy as you might think

Results pending: Unbeknownst to probably most of us, Major League Baseball has run a Franchise Four campaign, inviting fans to vote for the top four players in the history of all 30 clubs. The winners will be announced the night of the All-Star Game. My Orioles Mount Rushmore would include Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken Jr., and Eddie Murray.

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