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As U-Hall’s days dwindle, Cavs give it a night to remember

The Virginian-Pilot
CHARLOTTESVILLE — With signs hanging inside Virginia’s old gym reading “Last Ball in U-Hall,” the victory over North Carolina on Thursday night will go down as the final best moment by the Cavaliers in a building that hasn’t seen many in recent years.No. 1-ranked Duke doesn’t visit U-Hall this season. Thanks to the expanded conference, neither does North Carolina State. With the Cavaliers set to move into a new arena after this season, the appearance of the 24th-ranked Tar Heels became even more . . .

Ex-governor’s words to the wise echo in Lane Stadium

The Virginian-Pilot
As anyone with a very good memory or access to old newspaper clips can attest, the last two weeks aren’t the first time Virginia Tech football has forced the university into a defensive posture.Think Tech is under pressure in the wake of the Gator Bowl nonsense and those mortifying Marcus Vick incidents? Think the school has experienced too many embarrassing developments of late?It could be worse. Tim Kaine, our new governor, could mount the bully pulpit and question whether the institution is remaining . . .

Sounds like Bills fans are being buffaloed

The Virginian-Pilot
Stay tuned: One day, Mike Mularkey is coming back as Buffalo Bills head coach, the next he’s quitting. Meanwhile, ancient Marv Levy, who signed on as general manager, won’t rule out his return to the sideline. Forgive me for thinking that this is starting to sound like, well, a bunch of malarkey.Isn’t it rich: With the help of his agent, Herm Edwards wiggles out of the remaining two years of his contract with the Jets to take a four-year, $12 million deal from the Chiefs. At his first news conference . . .

Rouse rises to defense of Vick, Hokies players

The Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH — Aaron Rouse may be the worst person to ask about Marcus Vick.Or the best.You be the judge.When Rouse was looking for a godfather for his 2-year-old son, the Virginia Tech safety and Virginia Beach resident asked Vick, his teammate and good friend.“People don’t understand who he is,” said Rouse. “He’s very humble.”Rouse remains supportive of the former Tech quarterback, even if taking up for Vick right now is like trying to say something nice about bird flu.Vick already was being . . .

This season’s lowlights reel is courtesy of Tech, U.Va.

The Virginian-Pilot
Almost famous: Who says that our commonwealth is not a leader in college football? Arguably, the two most infamous and frequently replayed cheap shots of the just-completed season were perpetrated by players representing Virginia schools. This week, it was Marcus Vick’s stomp heard ’round the world. Three months ago, U.Va. lineman Brad Butler shed his anonymity with an alarming chop block after the whistle on Boston College’s Mathias Kiwanuka.First things first: Failing on a fourth-down run ultimately . . .

Did Virginia Tech bury its soul at wounded knee?

The Virginian-Pilot
When Marcus Vick stomped on the knee of Louisville’s Elvis Dumervil, he also came down very hard on the people at Virginia Tech who had put their faith in him.Now Frank Beamer is being portrayed in national circles as a craven coach who places victory ahead of sportsmanship. Beamer said he didn’t remove Vick from the Gator Bowl game because that would have punished the team.That’s coach-speak at its worst. As a result , Beamer’s reputation is on the receiving end of more than a little punishment. . . .

USC is not seeking a three-peat

The Virginian-Pilot
It’s fun pretending that America’s emotions are all wrapped up in Wednesday’s prime time extravaganza between Texas and Southern California.It’s another of big-time sports’ little conceits, that the final score of the Rose Bowl really matters to people who have never stepped foot in trendy Austin or been swallowed by the Los Angeles freeways.America isn’t really rooting for one side or the other; not the same way it was rooting for Jen and Brad last year. America in general doesn’t really care how . . .

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