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In dealing with RGIII, Jay gets a hand from Dan

Puppetmaster: It's one thing for Jay Gruden to announce this week that the Redskins will start the season "with Robert as the No. 1 guy," but by adding "obviously," he insults the intelligence of everyone who recalls Gruden's very public criticism of RGIII's performances and work habits.

Twitter handles would be better than names on All-Star jerseys

Court couture: Sunday night, for the first time in NBA All-Star Game history, the players' first and last names will be featured on the back of their jerseys. A little overdone, I think. Shouldn't most fans know the best players without the help of polyester pseudo sandwich boards?

Even media can't - or won't - lay glove on Wilson

Great escape: Amazing that Russell Wilson is receiving virtually zero blame for the Interception Heard Round the World. I'm not making him out to be the goat, but had his pass been lower and not so far in front of Ricardo Lockette, it's less likely the ball would have been picked off. Some guys get - maybe earn - special treatment after they make a crucial mistake. Fair enough.

W&M should be scoring points with fans

Pointed comment: I nominate Tony Shaver for college basketball Coach of the Year - no, Man of the Year - for doing his part to breathe life into a sport too often reduced to possession-by-possession bump and grind. After William & Mary hung 100 points on Hofstra on Wednesday night, Shaver said his offense has been "adapted" to give "good talent...

As a Packers fan, Heinicke knows real deflation

Airing it out: Former Old Dominion quarterback Taylor Heinicke, pictured, on the subject du jour - underinflated footballs: "I wouldn't know an underinflated ball if I saw one. I honestly don't understand what all of that is about.

With 19 million reasons to come back, Manning likely isn't done

Hit the pause button: Let's hold off writing Peyton Manning's career obituary. It's unlikely that Manning is finished - not when he's due $19 million in base salary for showing up next season. You'd expect a pizza pitchman of his repute to have an appreciation for that kind of dough.

Finding better GM wasn't a difficult task for Redskins

Easy upgrade: The shoes new Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan is being asked to fill are small enough to hang from the rearview mirror of a '57 Chevy.

Molinaro | Sports world taught valuable lessons in 2014

What I learned in 2014: Childishness and immaturity were embarrassed by Johnny Manziel’s lack of professionalism.  Taylor Heinicke’s four seasons at Old Dominion went by far too fast.  The merchandising of Derek Jeter’s farewell season was enough to make Donald Trump blush.  Major League scoring was way down, yet the times of games went up. 

Yogi was right: When you come to fork in road, you take it

As anyone hoping to find the answers to some of life's little unpleasant surprises would naturally do, I recently sought the wisdom of Yogi Berra. Who better to help make some sense of things? Yogi, it turns out, once made an inspired observation that applies all too well to my chosen profession. "The future," he said, "ain't what it used to be."

Spin all you want, coach, but losses were inevitable

Bobby Wilder doesn't have the luxury of adopting what I think is the appropriate appraisal of Old Dominion's football program. Two-thirds in, my evaluation of this season - only the school's sixth and its first in the FBS - would begin with this question: What did you expect?

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