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Cavs' problem isn't foul-ups, mental errors: It's the offense

CHARLOTTESVILLE Virginia's latest loss has people asking what might have been and what were they thinking. But foul-ups and mental errors in the final minutes shouldn't distract from a problem that can only lead to worse disappointment if not soon corrected.

Rare struggles at home leave Tech fans uninspired

REALITY CHECK: Virginia Tech's three home losses this season, especially the Miami debacle Thursday night before a sellout crowd at Lane Stadium, must come as a big letdown to the Hokie faithful who believed that fans inspired the team. Turns out, it was always the other way around.

World Series earthquake still shocking 25 years later

I wasn't paying attention last week when the 25th anniversary of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake came and went. My wife, Janet, reminded me of the significance of the date, as I was otherwise preoccupied with another seismic occurrence, this time at the place I've worked for 38 years. So now I've been rocked twice on Oct. 17.

Great expectations: Cavaliers' defense carries a big load

DURHAM, N.C. Virginia's big-play defense came up just a little too small Saturday. This is different than saying that the defense lost the game. It didn't. But it couldn't win it, either. Virginia's defense expects to do better. Cavaliers fans have learned to count on it. The alpha dog that so often seizes the day - and quarterbacks by the neck - has brought U.Va. back to respectability.

"Gurley thing" is old news for former SEC QB

SIGNING OFF: Georgia is holding running back Todd Gurley out of another game while it investigates whether or not he took money for signing memorabilia, but former South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia told a Charlotte radio station this week that "all day, every day" he saw players being paid for autographs.

Of the AP poll's gatecrashers, 1990 Cavs are No. 1 of a kind

Going from unranked to top-ranked in just five weeks - the fastest rise in the 78-year history of The Associated Press football poll - is a distinction Mississippi State could hold on to for a long time. It's something that sets the Bulldogs apart from any other football team that became the very first in their school's history to reach the top of the polls.

The Cowboys are 5-1? Will someone check the calendar?

There's an oddly nostalgic aspect to the surprising resurgence of the Dallas Cowboys. George Costanza riding in on Barney the purple dinosaur couldn't usher us back to the early '90s more vividly than the Cowboys' season already has. The DeLorean time machine is firing on all cylinders after Dallas jumped to 5-1 by beating the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks - in Seattle, no less.

Distractions aren't part of Winston's game plan

Straight ahead: At Syracuse on Saturday, Jameis Winston took the field wearing blinders - the symbolic kind - as he turned in a what-me-worry? performance, completing 30 of 36 passes for 317 yards and three touchdowns in Florida State's 38-20 romp. Whatever else Winston is, he's not easily distracted.

Tennis legend is on his game, still on move

NORFOLK "Moving is everything," Mats Wilander said during a break in his clinic at Old Dominion University. "The best players in the world are usually the best movers in the world, too."

No Nats, Angels? Maybe it's the playoffs' turn to be ousted

In American sports, playoffs are everything, and sometimes they seem like the only thing.   Before I even finished typing that sentence, I realized how dated it makes me sound. We're a playoff-mad society, by god, and have been for quite some time. Get in line or stand accused of being out of touch.

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