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As top teams lose, Virginia's gains add to 2014 shake-up

A wild, improbable week of college football demonstrated just how much bad guesswork goes into ranking the big-time teams. A lot of fans and media appear bewildered by what took place as we watched 11 of the AP Top 25 lose, including four of the top six.

Wilder's best job may be in selling hope for the future

NORFOLK Other than a few healthy linemen, the best gift anybody could have given Bobby Wilder late Saturday afternoon was a chance to turn the page as quickly possible.

Thursday blowouts aren't scoring with pro football gods

Numbers game: If the string of lopsided scores from the NFL Thursday night games are any indication, the mystical forces that control the football cosmos strongly disapprove of the new prime-time CBS package. Through five games, the average margin of victory has been 29 points, with no result closer than 20 points.

Michigan coach drew fire, and Wolverine fans are the flames

The public shaming of Brady Hoke is well underway. He's been marched to the public square, where his head and hands have been placed in the stocks for the amusement of the mob. Criticize me for losing games, Michigan's football coach said to the taunting throngs, "but when your integrity and character is attacked, I think that is really unwarranted."

Defy polls? Playoff panel has chance to make right call

With the Oct. 28 release of its first rankings, the College Football Playoff Committee will improve on the oft-maligned media and coaches polls. That's the hope, anyway. Hope, of course, has a way of fading until yesterday's bright idea becomes tomorrow's migraine.

Weekly Briefing | Gruden, Cousins looking less than impressive

Rookie issues: Jay Gruden, badly outcoached by the Giants' Tom Coughlin on Thursday night, brought to the Washington debacle about what you'd expect from someone whose previous head coaching experience was in the Arena League and the United Football League.

NSU's win, hard as it was, gives coach pride, confidence

NORFOLK A few minutes after his team came off the field with its first victory in five games, Pete Adrian was asked if the look on his face was one of relief. No, Norfolk State's coach said. More like pride.

Despite loss, Monarchs put on a pretty good show

NORFOLK White-out? Friday night's game at Foreman Field was more like a wipeout. It started that way when Old Dominion fell behind 24-0 in the first half. Ended that way if you believe the game wasn't as close as the final score of 41-28 suggests. In the middle - in the second half, that is - ODU tried to make a game of it. Must have looked good on TV. That probably counts for something.

When the leaders won't lead, online mob is happy to

Judging from the high-profile player suspensions in the NFL and college football this past fortnight, what passes for leadership at the top rungs of the sport is sticking a finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.

Even with the NFL, nothing lasts forever

In a national poll taken last week, 86 percent of respondents said the recent NFL crime wave hasn't diminished their appetite for watching the games. That sounds about right. We should even consider the possibility that most of the remaining 14 percent polled will renew their previous allegiance to the NFL once Roger Goodell's mishandling of recent domestic violence incidents recedes in memory.

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