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As NFL season looms, every action draws a reaction

On the rim of another NFL season, herein is an attempt to decipher some of what's being said: The Eagles are clearly the best in the NFC East. Reaction: Chip Kelly doesn't miss DeSean Jackson. Once again, the Patriots' Bill Belichick and Tom Brady make up the league's premier coach-quarterback tandem.

ODU prevailed in the end, but fans' early exit was weird

NORFOLK It was a weird scene at Foreman Field as the sinking sun reflected off the aluminum benches in the East stands.

In wish to deliver stadium, Snyder has express purpose

If he builds it: Dan Snyder says he's "started the process" of designing a new stadium for his Redskins, though the lease on FedEx Field doesn't expire until 2027. "We love FedEx Field," he said, "but it's 17 years old now." Yet, incredibly, it still stands. Hey, Dan, I have got sports jackets that are older than FedExField.

Change has come! But be careful what you wish for.

Don't look at me, but some people are already nitpicking at the College Football Playoff. They’re saying that it’s really not a playoff in the classic sense. That it’s more like a small invitational tournament. But you didn’t hear that from me.

Amputee golf tourney athletes inspire on, off course

After Roy McCoy lost his right leg in Vietnam in 1966, his surgeon prescribed a steady diet of golf for the Marine. "In order to gain balance and strength," McCoy says. Still shaky on his prosthetic leg, he went to the driving range, taking trepidation with him. "I took an old metal folding chair," he said, "and stuck it behind my butt so I wouldn't fall over."

The season hasn't started -- mute the Heisman chatter.

Except for wondering if the Heisman Trophy watch this year is digital or analog, I'm not immersing myself in the early projections about college football's biggest individual award.

Skins would be smart to ban Griffin from social media

So touchy: The tweeted messages Robert Griffin III shot back at critics after his poor performance against the Browns read, in part, "Keep doubting. It's nothing new." What a baby this guy is for even responding again to his detractors, though there's a lot of narcissism at work there, too. The Colts' Andrew Luck, according to an ESPN story, doesn't even bother with Twitter.

No end in sight for the fight over "Redskins"

The shaky performance of their starting quarterback Monday night suggests a less controversial new name for Washington's NFL franchise is warranted: the "6-and-10s."

Federer caught a break with Nadal, but that isn't the point

Rafael Nadal's withdrawal Monday from next week's U.S. Open because of a balky right wrist must have sent shock waves of guilty pleasure through Roger Federer's international fan club. As educated guesses go, this one's a sitter at the net. Nadal, every tennis fan knows, is Federer's Kryptonite, the player who has stood between the great Swiss and, say, another eight Grand Slam titles.

The Irish image showing signs of fissures

Seeing Notre Dame enmeshed in an academic scandal is not the same as another university inviting embarrassment in the name of almighty football. Notre Dame is different from the others, as the school and its publicists would be the first to tell you.

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