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Blog: Would You Use a Restroom Stall without a Door? I didn't think so.

So, why are the 6th graders at Blair Middle School being asked to?!

Sometimes I swear to God that I am the "only" person on this planet with a brain (or at least common sense and a heart.)

6th grade is a bad time in a kid's life. Their bodies are changes. Hormones are racing. They're not quite sure where they fit in at. The list just goes on.

Well, now here's another issue that 6th graders at Blair has to face, (NO DOORS on the STALLS!) Can you imagine having to have a bowel movement, with 3 other people looking at you:? Imagine wiping your behind. Or, better yet, go to Bl

Changes under way at Beach Kmart site

By BATTINTO BATTS JR.The Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH - This was a foreclosure auction that raised a few eyebrows. On Wednesday, a lien holder of the property and building that house the Kmart on Holland Road claimed ownership, but this isn't another chapter in the financial troubles of Kmart, which filed for bankruptcy protection a few years back.The Kmart will remain open for business.Rather, it was its landlord, a limited liability corporation whose principals no one seems to know, that had the financial problems. The entity, CRICKM . . .

First Apple retail store in Hampton Roads appeals to hard core

NORFOLK - Rick Addison was ready to camp out overnight at MacArthur Center - he brought a sleeping bag, food and books. Mall officials wouldn't let him in. Addison, 35, was willing to sleep there to be first in line when the Apple Computer Inc.'s retail store opened Saturday morning. Instead, he showed up at 7 a.m., and there were about 20 people in line already."I think this officially defines me as a nerd," he said as he waited.Hundreds of people - from teenagers to senior citizens - turned . . .

Macy's begins spreading around its name, fame

By carolyn shapiroThe Virginian-Pilot
With a red star and five lowercase letters, one of the most renowned names in retailing has arrived in Hampton Roads. Macy's has taken over the region's six Hecht's stores - at Chesapeake Square, Coliseum, Greenbrier, Lynnhaven and Patrick Henry malls and The Gallery at Military Circle. The official conversion will take place Saturday morning, as local politicians cut ribbons and high school bands play "Dancing in the Streets," the theme song for the unveiling of the name on about 400 stores nationwide.Macy's . . .

Blog: Hey, anyone out there?

Big blogging announcement tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon

Jeez, that reminds me of a sign I saw in a pub in England that was adjacent to where the Redskins practiced before playing San Fran in preseason of 1992:


But my _ er, our _ big blogging announcement really will be made tomorrow. You won't want to miss it!
(God, somedays I hate myself)

Apple store in MacArthur Center to open Saturday

By Carolyn Shapiro The Virginian-Pilot
Apple Computer Inc.'s long-awaited first store in Hampton Roads is scheduled to open at 10 a.m. Saturday in MacArthur Center in Norfolk. Grand openings for Apple stores often attract a crowd of devotees from all over the country.The first 1,000 visitors at the MacArthur Center store will get a free Apple T-shirt, according to the company's Web site. The Web site also lists plans for a "variety of unique and educational presentations, demonstrations and workshops" at the store during the week of . . .

Tax holiday incentives add up to banner August for some local stores

By carolyn shapiroThe Virginian-Pilot
Lacie Bowers, owner of Mélange, had worried that the shopping frenzy of Virginia's first sales tax holiday would steal sales she normally would have seen later in August. Her shop on Shirley Avenue in Norfolk sells accessories and shoes, many of which cost less than $100, making them exempt from sales tax during the state-legislated break the first weekend in August. Bowers chose to absorb the sales tax on other items, too, including handbags and jewelry.As a result, Mélange's sales more than . . .

U.Va. QB transfer from Notre Dame waited years for this moment

By Ed MillerThe Virginian-Pilot
CHARLOTTESVILLE - Christian Olsen is a little hyper. He talks fast and with a sharp New Jersey accent. He tells stories that have him as the butt of the joke.On his taste in music:"People laugh at me all the time because I'm from New Jersey and I listen to country."On the questions posed to him by reporters at the ACC football media day this summer: "I get two questions: about being the new quarterback and about my brother. Those are the questions you have to ask. There's really not much else to . . .

Blog: But it's raining out

Stop the presses.

Looks like hurricane experts have dialed down their predictions for the 2006 storm season.


Hey, wait a minute. I thought global warming meant increasingly ferocious hurricane seasons.

This must be deeply disappointing to the doomsday crowd.

Wal-Mart said to be eyeing Currituck

By JEFFREY S. HAMPTONThe Virginian-Pilot
Wal-Mart might buy land in southern Currituck County, raising questions about whether giant retail complexes are right for growing communities trying to preserve rural traditions. Industrial and commercial parks already line U.S. 158 in Harbinger and Point Harbor near the Wright Memorial Bridge, but a Wal-Mart store could be the largest single commercial site in the county.Only Food Lions in Moyock, Grandy and Corolla and Harris Teeter in Corolla compare."Everybody thinks this is so great, but . . .

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