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Specialty stores open their doors in north Suffolk

By carolyn shapiroThe Virginian-Pilot
SUFFOLK - Residents who have pioneered the growth of northern Suffolk now have some new shopping options in a small cluster of independent boutiques. The Village Shoppes at Governor's Pointe, which holds its ribbon-cutting at 11 a.m. today, stands at the entrance of a new residential development off Va. 17 near the Bennett's Creek area. The group of colonial-style buildings resembles a cozy town square and includes four shops, so far, specializing in gifts and home decor.Ruth DiGeorge, owner of . . .

Retailers full of cheer after sales tax holiday

By LARRY O'DELLAssociated Press
RICHMOND - Retailers say Virginia's first back-to-school sales tax holiday was a big success. The precise amount of savings apparently will remain a mystery, though. The Virginia Department of Taxation did not require merchants to track the amount of tax not collected on exempt items during the three-day period that ended Sunday, department spokesman Joel Davison said."The tax commissioner says we may be able to get a feel from retailers, but we won't have any hard information ourselves," Davison . . .

Blog: Minimum Wage

Oh, our lovely Congress. What will they do next to disrespect the working class of America? Hopefully nothing. If you’ve never prayed before, now might be the best time. The minimum wage in hasn’t been raised in a decade. To Congress this is okay. After all, it doesn’t affect them. They have their big old expense accounts, lobbyists, large corporations and of course our tax dollars to keep their livelihood going.

CNN reported that a worker making minimum wage for an 8 hour day can barely fill up their gas tank. With the cost of gas. Inflation. The cost of living. The vote

Why high-end stores aren't buying into Hampton Roads

By Battinto Batts Jr. The Virginian-Pilot
Whole Foods Market? Probably. Parisian? Maybe. Neiman Marcus or Saks? Fat chance. Those are the impressions some retail experts have about Hampton Roads’ viability as a location for higher-end department stores and shops.It’s an analysis that reaches the forefront every time a developer announces plans to build an “upscale” shopping center. The latest is Blenheim , the proposed 500-acre mixed-use development that would straddle the Virginia Beach and Chesapeake line on property owned by the Christian . . .

Shoppers drawn to savings on Virginia's first sales tax holiday

By carolyn shapiroThe Virginian-Pilot
CHESAPEAKE -- Tisha Love said she normally would have started back-to-school shopping with her children later in August. But the chance to skip the sales tax lured her to stores Friday. She scooped up four pairs of Nike sneakers, including one for herself, saving about $9 with the benefit of the state's first sales tax holiday."When you think about the high-priced tennis shoes, and the kids want to stay in style, you want to get the most for your money," said Love, 33, as she left the Foot Locker . . .

Thieves raid accounts of Dollar Tree customers

By TOM SHEANThe Virginian-Pilot
Using stolen personal identification and account numbers, thieves have withdrawn hundreds of thousands of dollars from the bank accounts of consumers who used debit cards at Dollar Tree stores in California and southern Oregon, police departments in the two states said. In Oregon, consumers have reported losing $250,000 from unauthorized withdrawals during the past month, said Lt. Tim George, a spokesman for the Medford, Ore., Police Department. The withdrawals, he said, were made from automated . . .

Virginia starts sales tax holiday; N.C. continues the tradition

By Lauren KingThe Virginian-Pilot
Virginia may be celebrating its first sales tax holiday, but it's old hat in North Carolina. The deals also may be better south of the state line, where more items are exempt from the sales tax during the holiday.Starting today and continuing through Sunday, both states will begin offering a sales tax holiday on certain back-to-school items, such as supplies, clothes and shoes.In Virginia, customers won't have to pay the 5 percent sales tax on school supplies that cost $20 or less or on clothing . . .

Wing of Pembroke Mall will be razed for new stores

By BATTINTO BATTS JR.The Virginian-Pilot
VIRGINIA BEACH -- Pembroke Mall's transformation will take another step this fall with a demolition that will make way for new retailers. The mall's 100,000-square-foot north wing, including the former Dillard's department store, will be razed. Negotiations are ongoing to bring a mixture of retail, entertainment and restaurants to the site at the back of the mall, with the intent of complementing the Town Center development across Virginia Beach Boulevard."We are talking to a number of high-profile . . .

Navigating Virginia's first tax holiday maze

By SARA PERKINSThe Virginian-Pilot
Virginia's upcoming sales tax holiday, the state's first, is generating both anticipation and confusion among retailers and shoppers. Retail organizations have high hopes that a sales-tax break on school supplies and clothing Friday, Saturday and Sunday will give the state's economy a boost. But some parents and small stores are concerned that the rules are not clear enough.At All Things Educational in Portsmouth, only some merchandise will be exempted from the 5 percent sales tax this weekend. . . .

Choosing your credit cards wisely

By Lisa SinghaniaAssociated Press (ASAP)
If you're like most consumers, your mailbox is swimming with credit-card offers. ''I was getting almost one a day, or at least every other day, for the same cards over and over again,'' recalls Jason Winnebeck, 25, a computer programmer in Rochester, N.Y. ''It was just ridiculous and a waste.'' The reason for all the offers: Interest charges, late-payment penalties and other fees can add up to big profits for credit-card companies, especially if you carry a big balance. With so many credit cards . . .

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