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School record is absent one item: a missed day

Two thousand, five hundred and twenty. That's how many days of school Katie Harris has attended, since pre-kindergarten, for 14 years. She's never missed a day. Perhaps perfect attendance makes a perfect student.

Challenges of second child's birth become local author's latest tale

To call Ghent resident Danielle Leibovici an author would be pigeonholing her in a dramatic fashion. The Los Angeles native has been practicing psychology for more than 10 years, but it wasn't until a nighttime epiphany more than six years ago that she decided to apply her knowledge to children's books.

Like to paint? So sumi-e!

When Joe Nicholas took East Asian brush-painting classes – or sumi-e – while stationed in Korea in the 1980s, his professor only knew a few words of English. Unfortunately for Nicholas, two of those words were: “Not good.”

Number's up for Fire Station 11

By Cherise M. Newsome The Virginian-Pilot

'Norfolk's Jim Thorpe' pens his story from sports to war

Norfolk in the late 1930s and early '40s was a gritty town that harbored what was to become the world's most formidable Navy and a corps of hard-nosed teenage athletes whose names still resonate in local lore.

Kids and canines click at unique book club

Rico Suave, Como and Muchni are stirring up some excitement at Barron F. Black Branch Library.

They aren't singers or cartoon characters. The three are certified therapy dogs, and last week they joined a group of kids for Tales to Tails, a not-so-ordinary book club.

Celebration will mark 31 years of tips, cash

Crime doesn’t pay, but talking about it can. The Norfolk Crime Line, which offers up rewards of up to $1,000 for tips leading to an arrest, will celebrate 31 years in operation at a special event Tuesday.

At 89, community center worker still going strong

Ellen P. Harvey works part-time hours at Lamberts Point Community Center, but she carries a full-time presence.
Harvey is a food service worker, greeter and mentor.
She serves meals and checks in guests.
At 89, Harvey has volunteered and worked for the city's recreation department for more than 40 years.

Students sharpen showmanship at camp

The boom of bass drums echoed through the parking lot at Booker T. Washington High. About 100 students lifted their knees at 90 degrees to march in place while practicing pop tunes for upcoming shows.

Botanical Garden tour director is dubbed No. 1

If you’ve rolled along the lush paths of Norfolk Botanical Garden on the tram you may have ridden with the city’s Tour Guide of the Year.
VisitNorfolk, the city’s convention and visitors bureau, bestowed the title on Amanda Wells in the spring during its Champions of Hospitality Rally.

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