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Question remains: Why did Chinese drywall maker pay?

It's a $3.2 million question without an answer - at least not yet. What changed Taishan Gypsum Co. Ltd.'s mind? The Chinese manufacturer of toxic drywall ignored lawsuits over its products for years. Then, it briefly fought back, claiming U.S. courts couldn't hold it liable for damages its wallboard caused. When that didn't work, the company walked away.

Cape Hatteras is named a top 10 U.S. beach

BUXTON, N.C. Chad Thomas and Guy Carroll loaded surfing gear in the back of the SUV and strapped surfboards on top. Water still dripped down their tanned faces after a long morning of surfing on the Buxton beach within sight of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Waves 2 to 3 feet high pounded the shoreline. “We love Hatteras,” Thomas said.

Outer Banks park: Winds favorable for tourism bid

WANCHESE, N.C. A wind gust jostled the Wanchese Marine Industrial Park headquarters as its director, Bob Peele, described why a new effort to attract the sailing industry here will succeed. "We've got the wind," Peele said. "There was enough wind for the Wright brothers - and you. That's our line."

Skipping Oceanfront crowds? You're missing the fun!

Come along, to a place few locals ever see in full swing. "When you live somewhere, you never do the fun stuff that's right around you," said Jamal Curtis, a visitor from Miami who was relaxing under an umbrella Saturday at Atlantic Avenue and 17th Street in Virginia Beach. "It's weird how that goes."

In search of... Chessie

Eighty years ago come Monday, Mr. and Mrs. George Spicer of London were motoring along Loch Ness in Scotland, when they saw what Mr. Spicer called "a most extraordinary form of animal."

Acrobatic circus begins shows at Oceanfront

VIRGINIA BEACH A voice boomed through the thick black curtains. “Five minutes!” In the tiny backstage, acrobats sent up clouds as they powdered their faces. Dancers affixed one last fake eyelash. The sour smell of greasepaint filled the sticky air.

Your guide to the 2013 Virginia Arts Festival

At the risk of sounding like a cheerleader, the Virginia Arts Festival is pretty impressive.

Cover photo on E. Shore tourism guide isn't Shore

The photo on the front of the new Eastern Shore tourism guide shows a family frolicking in the surf. "Eastern Shore of Virginia," it says. "You'll love our nature." But the picture wasn't taken on the Eastern Shore. The image came from an online service and features models, according to Dave Schulte, executive director of the tourism commission.

At last, a tranquil retreat in Cape Charles

When Tammy and Jim Holloway toured a home a couple of years ago in historic Cape Charles, it was the dead of winter.
Most of the landscaping was dead or dormant, and it was late in the day
- not grand conditions for a first impression of a house they possibly wanted to purchase for use as a bed-and-breakfast.

Highlights | Hampton Roads attractions

Hours and admission are subject to change. Some attractions are closed on major holidays. Call ahead to confirm times and prices. Phone numbers are 757 area code unless otherwise noted.
215 67th St., 428-3588, website. Visitor center open 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Saturday, noon-6 p.m. Sunday.

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