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Love: A battle of wits and a silly revue

 There is no love like young, doomed love, and the shelves are full of ro­mances between sweethearts battling an inevitable fate. It’s a tale as old as humanity – and it takes a robust heart and a fine mind to make it feel fresh again.

The secret's getting out: Norfolk is a gem

Good news, Norfolk: You're a treasure. Albeit a hidden one, according to a new list from Forbes magazine. Forbes Travel Guide editors included Norfolk in its list of hidden gems, citing the city's "burgeoning culinary and arts scenes."

Member of Va. Beach hardware family coming home

VIRGINIA BEACH A Virginia Beach upbringing anchored by family traditions helped shape the success of Bob Taylor, who will retire in January as president and CEO of Do it Best, Corp. The 3,800 member business cooperative has $3 billion in buying power and is located in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Help pick corn in Pungo for those in need

Virginia's fourth annual Commonwealth Day of Gleaning takes place Thursday at farms and orchards statewide. It's a project of the Virginia-based Society of St. Andrew, a hunger relief organization, in partnership with the state and the Federation of Virginia Food Banks.

Lorraine Eaton's pick of the week | Franklin D. Roosevelt summer shot glass

It's said that President Franklin D. Roosevelt enjoyed a cocktail or two, so on a recent tour of his summer home on Campobello Island in New Brunswick, Canada, I just had to snap a picture of this shot glass, which sat empty on a shelf in the pantry. Note that 2 ounces is for gentlemen, 3 is for pigs. Love that!

Virginia Beach man, shop restoring 1936 Buick

VIRGINIA BEACH This is what drives Reggie Buchanan: a data storage device loaded with photos, a paper trail that fills multiple folders, and a 1936 Buick Series 40 Special. The antique car has been in the family roughly 55 years, said Buchanan. "It was given to my father-in-law, Albert Potts, around 1960 by a grateful customer," he said.

Was Shakespeare a cannabis user?

In "Romeo and Juliet," the lovelorn hero proclaims in Act One that "Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs." The line may have actually been inspired by the fumes of cannabis, according to a recently published paper on Shakespeare and his smoking habits.

Photos | 27th Annual Nansemond Indian Powwow in Suffolk
Virginia Beach paintballers get shot on national stage

VIRGINIA BEACH Bright paint pellets in the mud and a distant popping noise hinted at frenetic activity beyond the animals quietly grazing at Hunt Club Farm. Some of the country's leading paintball players were in town from Aug. 7-9. It was the first time the National XBall League held a tournament in Virginia Beach.

A 95-year-old woodworker builds his culminating piece - his own casket

CHESAPEAKE O.T. Holton’s living room is a forest of wood. The mammoth entertainment center he built holds his TV and a darling portrait of his wife, Lelia. Two cherry grandfather clocks he crafted tower next to them and shelter a thicket of mahogany, walnut and cherry fern tables.

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