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Virginia Beach church celebrates 100 years of worship

VIRGINIA BEACH Star of the Sea Catholic Church is celebrating 100 years. It began as a mission of Saint Mary's Church in Norfolk and celebrated its first weekly Mass on Aug. 15, 1915. The Parish will celebrate the centennial on Saturday with a Mass and celebration. Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo, the Rev. Esteban DeLeon and several priests will attend.

Lorraine Eaton's pick of the week | Cherry-pie filling

You've heard of farm-to-fork. A family in Harrisonburg has perfected jar-to-crust, and now making pie is, well, easy as pie. I found this big, 32-ounce jar of silky, fresh-tasting, not-too-sweet cherry-pie filling for $7.75 at the Heritage Amish Bake Shoppe, next door to the Virginia Beach Farmers Market at 3600 Dam Neck Road. 716-3772

"Coop Dreams" creator hopes reality show doesn't lay an egg

The cameras were rolling on the eastern Illinois farm. Lisa Steele of Suffolk was on the set. But Pokey, one of the stars of the "Coop Dreams" reality TV show, was MIA, and had been for days.

Meteor shower tonight should be enhanced by clear weather

Fireworks will rain from the heavens. The Perseid meteor shower starts tonight and continues into Thursday morning, according to NASA. The celestial light show happens every August as the Earth passes through a cloud of debris left in the orbit of the Swift-Tuttle comet. The debris, which is mostly bits of ice and dust created hundreds of years ago, burns up in the Earth's atmosphere.

Follow-up help has been forthcoming, but woman's needs have not abated

Lisa Manyata Olson's eyes light up as she expresses thanks and talks about the hundreds of letters, the phone calls and the donations received since a series of stories about her ran in The Pilot in the spring ("Virginia Beach woman faces struggles with purpose, acceptance," March 22; "Woman with profound disability needs help," March 28).

Virginia Beach duo pays homage to Ernest Hemingway with new line of sauce flavors

Not long ago, a couple of guys from Virginia Beach traveled to New York City and mixed up a batch of bloody marys for a crowd of 22,000. It was a bold endeavor, and suitable for the launch of The Flavors of Ernest Hemingway, a new line of sauces, finishing salt and an intrepid bloody mary mix of which Papa would almost certainly approve.

Lorraine Eaton's pick of the week | Hummusphere

Hummusphere is one cool name, and it sure does deliver. A full line of these applewood smoked hummus spreads arrived at the office, but the Thai Coconut Curry was the runaway favorite. Available at The Fresh Market in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, 10-ounces, $4.99.

Hitchhiking robot's cross-country journey comes to tragic end in Philadelphia

The team behind hitchBot, the talking, tweeting, hitchhiking robot that tries to traverse continents on the kindness of strangers, had always thought of their project as a social experiment. After all the bad press and post-apocalyptic stories that questioned whether humans could ever trust robots, they wanted to pose the opposite problem: Can robots trust humans?

Gardening Q&A | Fruit trees need a lot of maintenance to produce good harvest

Fruit trees need maintenance to produce good harvest Q. I have had a peach tree in my backyard for several years. It produces peaches but they are hard, green and never seem to ripen. What can I do to get this tree to produce some good peaches? - Douglas Borel, Norfolk

Thousands gather at Chincoteague Island for 90th annual Pony Swim

CHINCOTEAGUE ISLAND The ponies appeared as small dots on the horizon, slowly moving closer, until the excitement of the crowd grew audibly. Kids ran circles around their parents, impatient to get a glimpse, asking to be placed atop shoulders to get a better look.

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