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Voter Guide | Virginia Senate 8th District

The 8th District includes part of Virginia Beach.

Dave Belote

Residence: Virginia Beach
Age: 52
Personal: married, three sons
Occupation: senior vice president at Cassidy and Associates; retired Air Force colonel

Voter Guide | Virginia Senate 6th District

The 6th District includes Accomack, Mathews and Northampton counties and parts of Norfolk and Virginia Beach

Lynwood W. Lewis Jr.

Democrat, incumbent
Residence: Accomac
Age: 53
Personal: one son
Occupation: attorney

Competition is thin for next month's elections

RICHMOND All 140 seats of the Virginia General Assembly are up for election next month, but many voters won't have much of a choice at the ballot box on Election Day. Less than half of the contests will have more than one candidate, and only a small percentage of contested races are expected to be close.

Gov. McAuliffe to attend McCollum campaign event Saturday

VIRGINIA BEACH Gov. Terry McAuliffe is scheduled to assist Gary McCollum today in his campaign for state Senate. McAuliffe will host a canvassing kickoff at 11:45 a.m. at McCollum headquarters on Columbus Street, according to an email from Common Good VA, McAuliffe's political action committee.

At Regent University, Jeb Bush discussed cuts to his campaign

VIRGINIA BEACH Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush wanted to talk issues during a visit to Hampton Roads on Friday but also had to explain why his campaign was slashing spending.

Rematch for 100th district seat gives Randall more time to fight Bloxom's big name

NORFOLK Willie Randall doesn't give up easily. The 61-year-old financial adviser lost a special election in 2014 against businessman Robert Bloxom Jr. Less than two years later, Bloxom, 52, is up for re-election, and Randall wants another shot at him. "Sometimes you gotta fight more than one time to win," Randall said.

Donald Trump "not thrilled' with Paul Ryan as possible House leader

CHESAPEAKE Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said during an interview Thursday on a Hampton Roads-based radio show that he's not happy with House Speaker John Boehner. Nor is he pleased with his possible successor, Paul Ryan. And he has a plan to save Social Security.

Voter Guide | Virginia Senate 7th District

The 7th District includes part of Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

Gary McCollum

Residence: Virginia Beach
Age: 55
Personal: married, two children
Occupation: retired telecommunications executive

Voters Guide | Virginia House of Delegates 21st District

The 21st District includes part of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.

Susan Hippen

Residence: Virginia Beach
Age: 55
Personal: widowed, one stepson
Occupation: retired command master chief

Voter Guide | Virginia House of Delegates 82nd District

The 82nd District includes part of Virginia Beach.

William W. “Bill” Fleming

Residence: Virginia Beach
Age: 67
Personal: married, two sons
Occupation: small-business owner, private investor

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