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Groupthink solution is worse than the problem

The American Enterprise Institute is a think tank that generally favors free markets. Its president, Arthur Brooks, recently took to the pages of The New York Times to warn that the marketplace for ideas is failing.

Flavelle: Rubio's confusing rhetoric on carbon taxes

  Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, who seems to have a genuine chance of becoming his party’s presidential nominee, said this week that carbon taxes “will do nothing” to alter the advance of climate change.

Bershidsky: It's popular, it's a comedy, and it's about Hitler

The movie “He’s Back,” a comedy that revolves around the return of Adolf Hitler to modern-day Germany, is a huge hit. There may be more than meets the eye to this success, however.

Allen: Men, women, violence and gender equality

Here’s a question for your next cocktail party: Do women civilize men? To your average feminist, that’s an arcane and sexist notion — maybe even a ploy to bridle women into unfulfilling monogamous relationships.

Chalmers: The work of oysters

Virginia Beach's Lynnhaven River has always been a working river. The watermen fishing, crabbing and oystering are part of the river's history and charm. The Lynnhaven once served as a water highway connecting the plantations and villages along its banks. At that time, it became one of the country's top oyster producers.

Pahl: Looking for transportation parity in N.C.

To the state of North Carolina, tolling the Ocracoke/Hatteras ferry is a cherry for the picking. And that's why officials won't leave this alone.

Kaszubowski: At ODU, from government to commerce

Hampton Roads has a long and storied history as home to the original NASA center, a large and well-respected Department of Energy laboratory and a variety of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard installations.

Leech: Halt North Anna expansion

Virginia consumers bracing for hefty bills associated with another winter heating season need to know that it could be worse. In fact, it could be much worse. Under an ill-conceived plan now being advanced by Dominion Resources for a third nuclear reactor at its North Anna facility, Virginia consumers could see their electricity bills go up by 25 percent.

Wilkinson: Kentucky and Medicaid expansion

Kentucky just volunteered to be a national political experiment, and it can't help but be an edifying one for the whole country.

Hunt: Yet another House panel will wage the culture wars

There they go again. House Republicans have launched another select investigative committee, a sort of Benghazi panel for the culture wars. This time the target is Planned Parenthood.

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